Friday, October 30, 2009


In commemoration for the All Souls' Day, what our death will communicate and mean to our survivors will be determined, in part, by what we express as our intent and purpose (for living as well as for dying). Accepting that your days are limited is a precondition for making the best use of your time. Gaining understanding of the fact that each passing day is irrecoverable, that the fundamental truth is that time moves in only one direction, therefore, do one thing at a time and while doing it put your whole soul into it with integrity and honesty to the exclusion of all else.

All successful people have a sense of integrity. They know that they would lose whatever they have earned if they engage into fraud, illegal and illegitimate practices. We have seen a lot of people who have originally succeeded and then brought down in disgrace by the illegitimate practices.

" Billy Graham was quoted to have said, "Integrity is the glue that holds our way of life together. We must constantly strive to keep our integrity intact. "

“All the strength is in you, have faith in it”. “If you are pure, if you are strong, you, one man, is equal to the whole world.” “Believing in yourself is an endless destination, believing you have failed, is the end of your journey”. “Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You’ll find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have”. “Recognize that you have the courage within you to fulfill the purpose of your birth. Summon forth the power of your inner courage, and live the life of your dreams”. “Life’s battles do not always go to the stronger and faster man, but to one who thinks he can”. You must believe in yourself and then you will believe in God.

We all want to go through life without burden, pain or heartache but it is through those circumstances that we learn the most about life. Everyday can't be a bed of roses but what we should want most is the strength to face these circumstances head on.

You need to take the bull by the horns and ride it until you fall off and when you do, don't forget to get back up because the ride isn't over yet. Only when you have made it through the situation with all the bruises will you attain more strength to face whatever else comes your way. So instead of running from the situation face it; it will only make you stronger.

Indeed, reading really good quotes with messages that can teach you about life can change your perspective about your current situation and really help you take the next step towards creating the life you really want.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In the Philippine government, we want that our political and public officials must live by good example upon which our children’s character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can look up to and be proud of. They must have excellence in an era of mediocrity; of originality in a time of faddishness and strained outrageousness — a genuine instance of honesty at a time of envy and greed.

I know you're out there afraid... afraid of the public officials because of all the powers they have over us. You're afraid of change. With the corrupt regime, I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell how it's going to begin. I'm going to show you what you don't want to hear and what you don’t want to see. I'm going to show you a nation without rules or controls, borders or boundaries-- a nation where anything is possible. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you.

These public officials have invaded and trampled our sovereignty, our rights, dignity, pulverized our economy, and bankrupt the government treasury. Like a Velociraptors, they are out in force today. They use coordinated attack patterns. They slash at us here and there with their claws like a razor, with unrelenting and in continuous fashion. And the worse is, we are alive when they start to eat us. Even then, we still remain meek. They assimilate every facets of government with corruption, and we fall back. Not again. We will not sacrifice our country. We've made too many compromises already. Too many retreats. The line must be drawn here. This far no farther. And we will make them pay for what they've done.

Let’s remember, the fear of suffer is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered while chasing its own dreams—to have leaders whose love is for the country and the people-- a true and real patriot.

Sometimes the things we want most are the hardest to get. That means you need to be even more determined to succeed. That's what it takes to be a winner. You have to want it bad enough to stick with it no matter how tough things get.

"The blue sky is infinitely high, crystal clear...that's what the world should be, a world of infinite possibilities, laid before us, crystal clear". -Kentatsu

The citizen who thinks he sees that the government is peopled with mediocrity, worn out, abusive, and basking with the aura of invulnerability to violate any law, and yet holds his peace and does not agitate for a new government, is disloyal, he is a traitor.

"My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one's country, not to its institutions or its officeholders. The country is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the thing to watch over, and care for, and be loyal to; institutions are extraneous, they are its mere clothing, and clothing can wear out, become ragged, cease to be comfortable, cease to protect the body from winter, disease, and death". (Mark Twain)

We will never negotiate. We will no longer tolerate and will no longer be afraid. It should be their turn to be afraid.

We might as well stand and fight because if we run, we will only die tired. Never mind if your contribution is only a mite, your help only a little. Remember this, take this to heart, live by it: that blades of grass united into a rope will hold in confinement the maddest of elephants. It is through the many that we reach the one. Even the least work done for others awakens the power within.

There is a saying, a very old saying: when the pupil is ready the master will appear.

If any one of you believes what I am espousing is inciting to something, like violence, I will be sorry. I will only be too glad if I can excite in you the power of critical thinking for yourselves of what is happening in and around the corridors of power. Oooh! Ahhh! That's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Over the BLOG NI ELLA, that purportedly showed a DSWD warehouse full of relief goods that have yet to be distributed to hundreds of victims of Typhoons Ketsana and Parma, DSWD Secretary Cabral answered: Just because the warehouse is full does not mean there is hoarding; that We have to have calibrated release, in the sense, that only when we receive requests from the regional office or evacuation center or local government unit, then we release goods to them; and that We need to keep some resources for emergency release, otherwise, when another comes, there will be no more donations coming in.

To believe such a tale is a demolition of all our sense of rationality. No man in his right mind would sacrifice the lives of thousands of people in favor of those who are still to be victimized by events in the future which may or may not happen.

Regrettably, the argument displays vagueness of expression and want of logical thought that it may be described as bearing a trance-like character. The argument assumes a fact the existence of which still remains to be proved and continues to be enveloped in the mists of the realm of uncertainties, which fact may lead to the disputed claim of the Honorable Secretary dependent on future event which may or may not come. Therefore, such conclusive pronouncement was inappropriately posited. (See: OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM.)

In fact, the existence of an ulterior motive and a grand design on DSWD personnel to deliberately perpetrate injustice upon the disaster victims cannot be gainsaid as it is as clear as day. The Secretary’s argument is just an afterthought and pure dialectics and conclusions that to believe them is an insult to common sense.

Madam, against any reason, you must understand that the first class imported relief goods that were donated by different foreign countries are not for you for your family’s consumption that you will save some of them for the rainy season as what the old saying goes. You have no discretion whatsoever when to give them and to whom you will give them. The irreducible primary is that the donors want the said relief goods receive by the victims as soon as possible. Your only role is to see to it that every victim will have an equal share of the relief goods. Do not wait for somebody to beg. You work, you monitor, you check, you go to the flooded areas and see the actual conditions of the victims so that you will be assured that the relief goods will be received or have been received by the right people to whom the same were intended.

In connection with your duty as the Secretary of the DSWD, do not hide behind such superficialities as whether you should or should not give the relief goods to a victim. That is not the issue. The issue is whether you do or do not have the right to be the DSWD Secretary without giving the victims those relief goods. The issue is whether you must keep and withhold those relief goods, piles and volumes of them in the four (4) warehouses as long as you want from the victims who are dying and desperately waiting for them. The issue is whether the need of the victims is the first mortgage of your duty and obligation and the moral purpose of your position as the DSWD Secretary. The issue is whether YOU are to be regarded as a sacrificial animal. Any man of self-esteem will answer: “No.” Altruism says: “Yes.”

From the Secretary’s disquisition, it would seem that she is obsessed in the future rather than of the present. Madam Secretary, thinking and planning about the future is not a bad thought. But we live in the present and live by each and every day of it. Why do you prepare for the disaster victims in the future when you already have hundreds of thousands of victims that are now and have been suffering and dying everyday from hunger and disease due to lack of food, water, clothes, cook wares and medicine because your Department are hoarding them.

The DSWD officials either did not know, did not understand, or refused to understand how devastating the disaster to the lives of the victims was. These people need our help and our thoughts and prayers. Of course Madam Secretary, you have the right to say what you think, but people like you really are just irrational. (See: SUFFERING IS ALL AROUND IN OUR COUNTRY.)

There will come a time Madam Secretary your entire world is destroyed and you have to start over along with 4.35 million others, many of whom have lost family members, then you will remember the word “Karma”. If what goes around comes around, it will come around to you, Madam Secretary. (See: ACTS EXECUTED AGAINST THE LAW.)

The fallacious argument of the DSWD Secretary has taken the wind out of her sails, so to speak, and by her inveigling, she must now limp to shore as best she can.

I don’t want the sun to go down if Social Welfare Secretary Esperanza Cabral is still there. (See: THE LAST DEJECTED EFFORT OFTEN BECOMES THE WINNING STROKE.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Oh my God, Holy Smokes! Where should I begin? What is really happening with the public officials of the Philippine government? Do they have a conscience? Are they humans? Do they have any common sense? Indeed, the disaster victims are suffering to death because of the sick mentality of our public officials. Their stupidity is deadly and contagious (THE UNWIELDY BUREAUCRATS IN OUR GOVERNMENT SUFFER FROM INERTIA).

The condition of the disaster victims are the ugliest of beings-- hungry and starving to death like dogs waiting to be feed with leftovers. On the other hand, in the warehouse of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), you can see mountain piles of varieties of different relief goods which have been withheld and not distributed but stocked for unknown purposes, if not, sheer stupidity. (See for actual view-- FLOODED WITH RELIEF (UPDATED): MANUEL L. QUEZON III: THE DAILY DOSE.)

These rice, clothing, canned goods, blankets, rag dolls, medicines, soap, sanitary napkins, water jugs, sleeping mats, kettles, etceteras, are worth millions of pesos, and most of them are imported goods from different foreign countries that were donated to the Philippines exclusively for the victims of the disasters caused by tropical storms `Ondoy’ and `Peping’.

It doesn’t need a genius to notice the Sun, does it? Not only have they each made billions and billions of pesos for themselves, but lately they've also looked up and noticed that weird luminescent orb in the sky. What's more, they've each figured out what to do with these imported goods to make money. Their kaleidoscopic minds are unconscionable. (See: OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM.)

Now, I may not be as smart as these guys are but I do have a few ideas in my head. And here's one of 'em: I suggest we come together as a nation and do what we can to crane our necks across the aisle and over the shoulders of these officials and report immediately to the media or the internet whatever kind of shenanigan they have committed. Like what BLOG NI ELLA had done.

The public officials bare all to the world, giving us a glimpse of how appalling and absurd they became such at the helm of the government. To be honest, it isn't very common that these kinds of public officials would let us into their secret mental disposition the way they do. No question, they are the “rare ones”.

If you want to see a “unique kind” of Cabinet members, Under Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries down to the Regional Directors who are irresponsible, lazy, skullduggeries, hollow men with headpieces stuffed with straw, tag as poster children of moral irresponsibility and social pariah, look no further! It’s right here only in the Philippines. Truthfully, it makes you wonder how the mechanism of their ideas was like at a time that calls for clear-eyed thinking. IT WOULD CHOKE YOU UP! Well, I don't need to continue, do I?

Friday, October 23, 2009


The creed for existence in the Philippines nowadays, is mine, mine, mine, who cares if there is still left for others to survive. I don’t give a damn even if it costs your life. In the words of Robert Browning, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp/or what’s a heaven for?” Thus, you have to protect yourself every step of the way and applying all the time the age-old principle-- “do not trust, not even your shadow.” Bear in mind that everyone acts out of his own self-interest. It is a mindset based on a mantra to “own everything” if given a chance. Therefore, if you accept others for what you believe them to be; you set yourself up for disappointment, regret and frustration.

We all know this trend for survival has been going on for a long time and getting worse. We are all living out the same dramas of do or die attitude; that in order to survive, you save yourself and your family and forget about the rest. It is incomprehensible why we are doing it all when in fact we know deep in our hearts that it shouldn’t be the case especially in a country where Catholic Christian belief is a dominant culture.

During these very hard trying economic times, we are constantly searching for trust and honesty as that is what we have learnt during our school days. We always believe and emulate the good guy, but in this world we live in set up by the wrong doers, the honest guy is now ostracized. This is because of corruption and dishonesty going on in every nook and corner of society. If you live your life according to the rules, you will be branded as the villain by everybody who is different but appears to be the heroes because of their numbers. This is an endless, vicious cycle, guaranteed to generate bigoted progeny.

Money is your means of survival, that we all accept, and thus, that is given. But as succinctly put by Ayn Rand, “the verdict you pronounce upon the source of your livelihood is the verdict you pronounce upon your life. So, if the source of your wealth is fraudulent and illegal, then your money will not give you a moment’s or a penny’s worth of joy. Then all the things you buy will become not a tribute to you, but a reproach; not an achievement, but a reminder of shame.”

“Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.” In the Philippine society though, through the typical examples shown by our political and government officials, wealth is the product of your ingenuity on how to pull a fast one on everyone in every crack and gulch here or there. So, if you’re slow, you will be beaten to the draw. (See: MEMES SPREAD BY THE BEHAVIORS THAT THEY GENERATE IN THEIR HOSTS.)

But the irony of it all is that although these political and government officials who are accumulating tremendous amount of riches without let up to protect them in the future, will find themselves hoisted by their own petard as their hoarded loot would now be the graphic account of their unexplained wealth. What they thought would save them, will be the ones that would pin them down. The corruptors’ end will be worse than they ever thought.

By then they would realize that there is a great deal of difference between enjoying with pride of what we acquired through sweat and hard work as contradistinguish with living extravagantly on what we have obtained dishonorably from others.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We often read beautiful and motivational phrases, quotes and maxims every now and then, and we are deeply drawn to them that we figure out how we can really integrate them into our daily lives. We all use maxims to guide us in achieving what we want in life; and to help us arrive at the right decisions.

We embrace and hold dear the Proverbs because they were designed by wise men who acquired knowledge and wisdom and so they understand something about human nature and human frailty, and they are able to give us advice on how we live our lives here on earth.

“Nobody stays on the top forever. And nobody oppresses people forever. Sometimes you are on the top, and some day you will go down”. This maxim should serve as a reminder to the Leaders of the Philippine government who have no feelings at all, no pity and compassion, just nothing of what is happening to their impoverish countrymen who are struggling to stay afloat.

Suffering is all around in our country. Unmet needs are everywhere. Different kinds of crisis are overflowing in our midst and people are dying of hunger, disease, and disasters caused by irresponsible government officials. (See: IT IS THE DUAL ACT OF NATURE AND ACT OF MAN.)

This is the time that our political and government officials must recognize their responsibility as Christians and as decent humans, to demonstrate and grow in compassion to the people whom they have sworn to serve and protect. When they do nothing, but could, they send a message, loud and clear, that they do not care about the sufferer. (See: THE LEADERS IN POWER ARE NO LONGER HUMANS.)

Study shows that if a child had not developed a conscience or the capacity to feel and show real warmth before the age of 12, there was no hope for remediation to occur, no matter what technique was used. I hope our political and government officials had no historical background such as this. But even if this was their upbringing, there is still hope they will change. Sometimes even hardened criminals have been miraculously changed. (See: ACTS EXECUTED AGAINST THE LAW.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It has been shown from various researches on the life of some of the most ruthless dictators, men like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, Mao, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung, and many others, that they have many things in common. They were Megalomania, Psychopathic, Personality cult, Paranoia, disregard for and violation of others rights and intimidation of opponents.

While in Europe and Asia (Stalin, Mao or Kim IL Sung) the dictators were in the pursuit of global dominance, power and prestige and were mostly ideology driven. In the Philippines, our Leaders are driven by ineptitude, greed and corruption.

Dictators usually dominate in countries which are very poor and there are fewer spoils to go around. They told their subjects to tighten their belts while they loosen theirs. The meager revenue collected from taxes goes straight to the dictator who takes a lion’s share and distributes the leftover to the government institutions where his Cabinets/ministers skim it further.

Dictators have an inverted frame of mind, in the sense, that when they are hurting the people, they thought they are healing, when they are destroying their lives, they believe they are building. Rivals are branded as traitors and the destabilizers, or agents of the enemy of the state or the revolution. Opponents are constantly harassed and intimidated. Legislative and judiciary branches of the state are rendered powerless or rubber stamps. The enemy number one is the independent media, opposition parties’ leaders/individuals and those who tell the truth.

When it comes to the appointments and promotions of the key positions in government, dictators handpicked their protégés not because of their brilliance and experience but because of their loyalty to the dictator and they start showering him with praise. In return, these appointees order the masses to hang his pictures everywhere. They compete for his attention like children and they always tell him what they think he likes to hear but not the reality in the country.

Dictator changes the constitution so he can stay in power indefinitely. That is the mental state of dictators and how those who surround him think and manipulate the masses.

'Does that ring a bell with you?" significa más o menos: ¿Te suena?

The difference between this regime and other dictators is that dictators like Stalin and Mao although they condemned thousands to death they contributed the development of their countries. They both took their countries from backward feudal states to nuclear power states. In the Philippines our Leaders oppressed thousands to death and they bankrupt and destroy our Country.

I wonder why the Filipinos are shedding tears when they are being impoverished by these Leaders. But they are the ones who keep on repeating the same mistake all over again and again when it comes to choosing their Leaders: either they sold their votes during elections, or they choose someone whose looks they idolize and admire, instead of the greatness of his vision, his views on the issues of the day, and what he stood for. (See: WHAT WE HAVE IN THE PHILIPPINES ARE POLITICAL LEADERS THAT COULD EVENTUALLY DARKEN AND DEVOUR OUR NATION.)

Today, the game is crystal clear; this regime has tested us and found us impotent. It is time for the Filipinos to draw the line on the sand. If this injustice and tyranny is not stopped today, we will be heading to a costly disaster, one that we have never imagined before. Clearly the current system in our government is not working and the Philippines is descending into oblivion, It is time for a regime change. (See: EVERYTHING DESCRIBED HERE IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN.)

The Philippines at the moment, it so happens, is not an equal place at all. It is divided into oppressor and oppressed. The citizens are the oppressed; the Leaders of this government are the oppressors. The citizens do not fight back out of some abstract moral duty to "do the right thing." They fight because they are facing an enemy who is determined to crush and exterminate them--one who terrorizes, and who would seek to turn their society into a dictatorship through savage political repression. (See: DUE TO OUR LEADERS’ IRRESPONSIBILITY AND LAZINESS….)

If the Leaders continue their suicidal path they will meet a violent end.

Monday, October 19, 2009


The civilization in the Philippines emerged by the 5th century AD. There were influences from other countries, primarily the Middle East, India and China. In the 14th century, Islam became firmly entrenched here. The 15th century brought about trade with merchants from the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

In March 1521 to 1898, Spain dominated the Philippines. Other countries wanted a foothold in the Philippines and during the 16th century there were attempts to achieve this goal in part by the English and Dutch.

On December 10, 1898, it was declared that Spain ceded the entire archipelago to the United States for $20 million. Thereafter, the United States started the establishment of U.S. military rule in the Philippines. Then, the Americans colonized the Philippines up to July 4, 1946 when independence was finally granted.

Based on the foregoing, our offspring is now the product of evolving genes over the course of many generations from different foreigners who once upon a time controlled and/or visited the Philippines. Therefore, the Filipinos are superior breed with inheritable traits that will stand out in countless ways. (See: WE ARE THE BEST OF THE NOUGHTIES.)

In assessing a country's growth, we consider its level of civilization/national development before colonization, the nature of colonization, amount of natural resources, amount of its educational reservoir, the patriotism of its citizens, length of sovereignty, population, presence or absence of ethnic diversity, and existence or absence of a dominant culture.

As early as the year 1611, the University of Santo Tomas was established in the Philippines. You see, functional, creative education is the substratum of any national development. With such functional proficient education, it has the capability to realize massive socio-infrastructural development in double quick time.

The Philippines has also a dominant culture—a Catholic Christian belief. Having a dominant culture in a society of 90 million facilitates the forging of a common front, unity of purpose, the creation of national consciousness and patriotism. In this sense, it would have no problem mustering support for the best government/public programs. As a result, the best government policies in the Philippines would usually be supported at the altar of ethnic/primordial sentiments.

It is just unfortunate to think that the Philippines with all its attributes and an unarguably great natural resources is lagging far behind with other countries in Asia when it comes to socio-economic development as a nation.

The Philippines is a nation with the wherewithal to be great. But I took sometime to ponder why it had become adrift and thrown into a perpetual third world country and one of the poorest. It has a population it cannot sustain when it would have been a land of milk and honey. Had our leaders not been greedy to enrich themselves in great measure, the image of the Philippines as one of the most corrupt on the face of the earth would not have been.

What the Filipinos need is good governance. We need a good leader whose concern and love is with humanity more than personal gain. It does not matter if it is somebody that falls from the sky and is able to give you light, good roads and unblemished background and reputation; and not a dictator, liar, and a skulduggery so that we don’t have to be weary of the unmitigated skulduggery of this regime again. Does it really matter who that would be? I don’t care. As a Christian, it’s better to have an infidel as a just ruler than to have an unjust Christian.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


For the past decade, the Leaders in the Philippine government have been devoted to corrupting and overloading our society with social ills of every description; poverty, the energy crisis, our nation’s economy, insurgency, terrorism, and issues of graft and corruption. There just seems to be no shortage of hopeless situations around that every Filipinos are increasingly losing hope. In light of so many things going wrong in our nation, hopelessness has struck deep into the core of both young and old, and the world looks dark and bleak for all of us.

As a nation we have been asleep for years. Our Leaders are lulled by affluence and self-indulgent apathy, our collective awareness has grown dim. This has created an opening for every possible serious danger that could ultimately cause the breakdown of our civil society. This is the truth and what we do, or don't do, will determine the consequences, for better or worse. It is time to decide.

Our Leaders are still troubled, still craving for everything more, still striving to hold on to power and to be all powerful like God. This is where the problem lies in every human being. When one has the power over his fellow men and nobody opposes him anymore, he tends to forget the nature of his being—the mortality of man. He saw himself as a hero, a savior, perhaps even something like a god He isn’t God and never will be. It is when one tries to be God that he ends up most like Satan, who desired the same thing. To the rest of the people, it seemed like an apocalyptic effort to take down a sort of Lucifer-type figure - a madman who believed himself superior to everyone and everything.

Our Leaders must accept the reality that everything in this world has its ending, and that all dictators, liars, and skulduggery had met the same fate. The sooner our leaders realize this, the better as they would not wait for that time when they will be judged by history and their countrymen.

The makers of history forget that the wheels of history grind slowly, but surely grind small. The final destination of every ruler is the grave, irrespective of his or her expectations. Out of all these facts of history there has emerged a saying that pride goeth before fall. It happened in the case of Hitler, it happened in the case of Musolini, it has happened and it will continue to happen in the case of every ruler turned dictator. The main difference between a ruler and a dictator is that a ruler is benevolent, he rules according to laws framed by the nation, while the dictator is free of all restrictions, his word is law.

Our errant Leaders don't want to admit that they're creatures and not in charge. It is the oldest temptation: "You'll be like God!"" Satan promised Adam and Eve. The desire to have complete control is the cause of so much stress in our lives. The greed of power and money of our Leaders in the Philippines today is merely a graphic, if not, tragic example of the wider struggle between the creator and his creation. Without a strong leader there is anarchy. Everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. Life is a struggle, but what most people don't realize is that our struggle, like Jacob's, is really a struggle with God! We want to be God, and there's no way we are going to win that struggle.

Many are unwilling to surrender their lives to God because they misunderstand the process. What does it mean to surrender to God? “Your attitude should be the same as Christ Jesus.”

Surrendering is best demonstrated in obedience. You say "yes, Lord" to whatever he asks of you. To say "no, Lord" is a contradiction. You can say “no” or “Lord” but not in the same sentence - and expect to get away with it. You can't call Jesus your Lord and refuse to obey him. After a night of failed fishing, Peter modeled surrender when Jesus told him to try again: "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets." (See: THE LEADERS IN POWER ARE NO LONGER HUMANS.)

Friday, October 16, 2009


Treating the citizens in a manner that is against traditional values and virtues, or even common sense, and social standards, leaving them in endless pains, the Leaders in power are no longer humans...humans have various emotions and desires, and live for emotion. During the course of their assumption as wielders of power, they had gradually taken these things more lightly and gradually letting go of them until they completely discarded them. The truth is, they’re no longer one of the ordinary human beings, and they couldn't even go back anymore, they really can't. The difference between them and ordinary people had been downright lost. (See: THE UNWIELDY BUREAUCRATS IN OUR GOVERNMENT SUFFER FROM INERTIA)

Everything that these people at the helm of government ever want is to be in power in order to loot. The others want to be near them as it is the guarantee that they will be anywhere near the leftover and residues. (See: THE POWERS THAT BE or TPTB)

The vast majority of impoverished, illiterate people who are battling with what to eat for the day are so totally ignorant of the fact that the government and governance is meant for them, that the treasury is their own. They are totally oblivious of this fact. It should have been the responsibility of you and I to make them know, but you and I are so selfish and so self-centered. So, we are part of the problem because we are beneficiaries of the problems in the first place.

The media are part of the problem because they are being very, very economical with the truth. The media are being very, very sentimental with the lives of people of this country. We must be able to write and tell the truth because we can all be victims, whether you are part of the problem or not. That is the truth. (See: NOW IT CAN BE TOLD WHAT CAUSED THE MASSIVE FLOODS… WE ARE OPPRESSED BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO BE)

Nobody wants to fight because those that are supposed to fight or are supposed to enlighten the masses are beneficiaries of the situation. This is what has overtaken our country and everybody is paying for it. I say this country is easy to govern because most Filipinos are very obedient group of people. It is the leadership that is lacking.

Filipinos are suffering from a very serious inferiority complex. Every time our country suffers catastrophe we beg on bended knees, looking for pittance. So, it is a problem of inferiority complex; they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t even see the country as theirs.

The people are so degenerated to the extent that they don’t even know what to do. They have become so disillusioned; they don’t even know where to go or who to go along with. People like us are just at the wayside today because we don’t even know who to go along with. Nobody wants to face it. But what I am saying is we are all paying for it.

For God’s sake, what is wrong with us? We can say no more, that’s enough and it will be stop. But the people are gripped in fear and do not charge forward. Maybe, the people will just take everything until they get worn out and take no more. (See: FILIPINOS NEED TO STOP BOWING DOWN NOW)

In the meantime, these errant politicians can now plunder as much as they want, they can steal as much as they can from the coffers of government. Indeed, they can now do anything under the sun. The sovereignty of this country has been lost to thieves. I don't think we would all fit under the rock we would be hiding under like ostriches when civil society breaks down. (See: EVERYTHING DESCRIBED HERE IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Why does our Philippine Government have to crouch and beg for donations from the United Nations and other foreign countries? The whole thing is a smokescreen but what is certain is that our government is bankrupt as a result of mismanagement and massive graft and corruption. So, every time we have a catastrophe, our government keeps groping in the dark.

This corrupt regime has betrayed the trust of this nation that the development the people are really yearning for is still a pipe dream. Our country is now in a state of collapse because of these corrupt Leaders. Let’s sort this country out. Let’s stop these robbers from stealing our money. (See: THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH.)

The right to information is not strictly enforced in our country that is why we are living in a sea of ignorance and poverty; and that the government can easily fool us. We need to start a new tradition, a culture to build in our system of governance. That information is a right to every person, the right to know is the right to live.

Our Country is so deeply ruined with the entire crisis we are facing. Today, it is difficult to imagine our country returning to its once immaculate condition. It will never again be the same again. The genie is out of the glass. There is blood everywhere and on everybody’s hand.

Most people, including the militants, the activists, and the NGOs and private citizens and others directs their anger and venomous arrows at the corrupt regime and its handlers. Rightly and justifiably so! A more critical analysis of the Leaders’ palaver will also take into account the country’s historical heritage. What is often left out is the duplicitous and leecherous role of the elites and those in the corridors of power. (See: WE ARE THE BEST OF THE NOUGHTIES.)

To my fellow countrymen the time has long gone for us to hold our various public officials and elites responsible for always shitting on us, of the atrocities and injustices in our country. Without exception, every public official in power was criminal and delinquent.

Billions and billions of Pesos have been allocated, yet, there is nothing on the ground, nothing that positively impacts the lives of the people in terms of real development (basic need, humanitarian development or the fundamentals of development) save for iconic and various other meaningless projects. Where is our money?

How come our country happened to be ruled by a succession of the third-rate is mind boggling? In the absence of the first-rate, we have the pretenders, the dream peddlers, the sadists and the intellectually impaired. (See: A BITTER LESSON FOR HAVING WEAK LEADERS.)

I'm not going to write out any lists of how much these officials have stolen from the public funds or make any lists of names; we see it enough in the newspapers and on TV. Thieves that steal that much money usually end up in prison. These bastards have brought it on themselves and we shouldn't let them get away with it. The wicked will not go unpunished as long as there is heaven and earth.

Spread the word people, this is your chance to get our country back to normal. We need to stop bowing down to these upper-class bureaucratic scoundrels who ruin our everyday lives and make a stand. Now is the time!! Does this country only have men that can only talk & shout but no action?

Every thief is a coward. Yes, anybody that oppresses has no head and he is a coward. So, you can fight and defeat him. If we Filipinos can just rise up for once against these robbers governing, we would soon discover that they are cowards. We are really sitting on top on a keg of gunpowder. May God help us as a nation? Remember only cowards pray and do nothing. (See: EVERYTHING DESCRIBED HERE IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I watched President Arroyo’s news conference on Television last night, announcing she was creating a special commission for the infrastructure rehabilitation to receive donations from other Countries as she leads the Philippines out of its current quagmire of problems. This panhandling for donations had taught us a bitter lesson for having weak Leaders and is bound to meet a wretched lot of a ruined nation as miserable as a dog in a house of death. This can surely heralded as a trademark to our country’s reputation and will surely tarnish and mar the foundations of our dignity and pride. Are we always on our knees gasping for air?

Tropical storms `Ondoy’ and `Peping’ have ravaged the Mega Cities of Metro Manila and Northern Luzon. Lives were lost; damages to homes, infrastructure, the interruption to normal life and commerce compel us to stress the need for immediate and dramatic measures to ensure reconstruction and rehabilitation. What has been on offer to the region so far is woefully inadequate.

Our country received double hits. First there was storm `Ondoy’ that struck on 26th of September leaving hundreds without food, water, homes and power. Then came storm `Peping’ only days later, further exacerbating the problems.

Madame President,

Our Country has always experienced all kinds of storms or typhoons since a minimum of at least 20 of them visits every year. It behooves us therefore to understand the phenomenon that we are facing including its connection - if any – to climate change that low lying states have been warning about. These facts also demand that our own Country should better plan for the eventualities that we know have been and are going to continue to be part of our lives. We cannot let lack of planning be a possible cause of the undermining of our sovereignty in this way. The world is soon wary and weary; the phenomenon of donor fatigue sets in. We lose our dignity if we cannot be seen to help ourselves.

Madame President,

You must get rid of any or all people who aren’t doing their jobs. Waiting another time and keep procrastinating is not the answer. And, if you don’t find a faster, more efficient, way of getting rid of the bad apples, then the only alternative for the people is to just stop sending the government money! Believe me, if the taxpayers stopped paying, these JERKS would leave like rats off a sinking ship. (See: LATENESS IN DECIDING HAS CAUSED MANY GOVERNMENTS BEING OVERTHROWN.)

Madame President,

Listen and hear-- tick tack tick tack, TIME just keeps running. Do not let it steal a precious moment of you and the people. Protect everyone from its treacherous fingers which will not spare those who disregard it. Stand firm and accurately come out with higher thinking. Remember a pilot knows what to do when the gear box on a plane fails. What about you, what will you do when you reach the crossroads? And be mindful of TIME running.

For those people who sympathized, whose hearts bleed for those who died from drowning, and their houses and properties were all damaged and gone; for those who died from landslides by the government’s intentional release of volumes of water from the Angat, San Roque, the Pantabangan, and the Arayat Water Dams without notice, The time is NOW to translate our political resistance into action–stimulating change that disrupts and alters the political landscape. Simply put, we must flip this house now! ( See: MADAME PRESIDENT-- EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HANDS TO REBUILD OUR NATION, THE PHILIPPINES.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The world is a happening place that it has become impossible for a Leader of a Country, or everyone for that matter, to know everything that needs to be known about all the Current Affairs that rocks the nation at every going moment with every ticker of the clock. Current Affairs are those happenings that have a deep impact over the masses. So, in the final analysis, a Leader has to find the right people for the right problems — and then trust them to take the right actions. If the President of the Republic of the Philippines is surrounding herself with people who are losers, lazy and irresponsible, she will be brought down to their level. (see: DUE TO OUR LEADERS’ IRRESPONSIBILITY AND LAZINESS….).

Predictably, our Country’s Leaders had finally hit the snafu as when through its officials suddenly and devastatingly released waters from the Water Dams without warning which caused widespread flooding and landslides that drowned frightened malleable populace reaching a death toll of more than 337 while 250 perished from landslides. An estimated total damage is at P5.08 billion, including P3.99 billion to agriculture and private property and P1.09 billion to infrastructure. The incident captured all the pathos of the victims’ fate.

Our Country is now smoldering at the edge of chaos, becoming the most despised evil government, and just generally doing what leaders do before their government collapse. Thus, the idiom, “Pride comes before a fall” takes on its full signification when it comes to arrogance of power.

MADAME PRESIDENT, losers mess up your entire mindset and hold you back from success. Look, many of the people surrounding you have been paid only for appearing at their office but are sleeping in their jobs. These people have been with you for at least more than three (3) years already and you still continue to hold on to them. They have already proven they cannot change their poor habits, are you willing to sacrifice the entire population of this Country for a few of them? (See: IT IS THE DUAL ACT OF NATURE AND ACT OF MAN)

The people know that you Madame President have already known for a long time what’s wrong with our government. Now, it is incomprehensible that you still retain the people surrounding you even when instead of helping you they hold you back from steering our country to progress. What is worse, they have already brought you down to their level of corruption with the boldness and confidence to violate any law with the fantasy of invulnerability.

The lack of punishment has become their incentives for corrupt behavior within an institutional framework, creating a kind of vicious circle difficult to break up anymore. They are the kinds of people who make our countrymen miserable. These people are too borne out that the citizens cannot be stirred up anymore to believe that they are good and justifiable by some reasons. In fact, the people have a million of reasons to boot them out. I know, nobody is perfect but I think it's a weakness to let these people who are not only wrong but worse to lead in our government. (See: KEY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TAG AS POSTER CHILDREN OF MORAL IRRESPONSIBILITY…SOCIAL PARIAH.)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Laxity, complacency and procrastination of government officials handling the state of affairs in providing appropriate funds for the repair of Water Dams which should have been carried out long time ago, had combined with the heavy rainfall to cause the worst widespread floods that were ever recorded in the annals of the history and the memory of many old-timers. Therefore, it is the dual act of nature and the act of man that cast the fathomless gloom and doom that likely to bring about apocalypse, which no human consciousness can illuminate the extent of the endless darkness that hover the Philippine Archipelago. (see: DUE TO OUR LEADERS’ IRRESPONSIBILITY AND LAZINESS….)

Even the Cemetery in Caba, La Union was not spared by the turbulent waters-- uprooting, tossing around, and sweeping the concrete tombs, graves, coffin and caskets of the dead and literally seen speeding through the current as they were swept away.

'Pepeng' and the waters intentionally released from the San Roque, the Pantabangan, and the Arayat Water Dams leaves more than 337 dead, and a number missing. As of 6 a.m. on Sunday, 489,840 families or around 2.2 million people have been affected. According to the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) situation report the estimated total damage is at P5.08 billion, including P3.99 billion to agriculture and private property and P1.09 billion to infrastructure.

With the raging floods still far from subsiding as the water dams continues releasing waters, and the feeling of hopelessness at the helplessness and worthlessness (“à-toa,”) of the government which left the flood victims high and dry, the reports say, residents of some towns in Pangasinan who were hungry, thirsty and sick are looking up at the sky, waiting for divine intervention to lift them from their rooftops. With roads impassable all around them, Divine intervention may be their only hope of quick salvation.

Some 150 people in Barangay Baug remain stranded on the rooftops of their homes. Pangasinan authorities admitted they have no other recourse but to pray also for the flood victims. According to the news from Balolong, rescue efforts have been hampered by having only two rubber boats. Worse, rescuers manning these seacraft are exhausted from rescue operations that began Friday, October 9, 2009.

The situation in Urbiztondo reflects the natural forces and the waters intentionally released from the Water Dams arrayed against poorly equipped government officials struggling to save lives and property ravaged by the widespread floods in northern Luzon. The streets in this province have become turbulent rivers tossing around rescue boats like they were bathtub toys, preventing access to untold numbers waiting to be saved. Flood victims are in dire need of rescue and evacuation.

In Benguet, the death toll from landslides rose to 250 while many others remained missing according to the news at ABS-CBN News TV at 6:00 o’clock this morning, Monday, October 12, 2009. Benguet was the hardest hit and even some rescuers trying to pull bodies out of collapsed houses had died. Besides setting off landslides in the mountains, the rain has swollen rivers and reservoirs, forcing Dams used for hydropower and irrigation to release water and causing more flooding in areas downstream.

The Philippine government officials are gradually getting weakened in their ability to govern or administer. They now find themselves overwhelmed by the Country’s cruel experiences of the widespread flood disasters where lives have been turned upside-down overnight to an already impoverished Nation that proves to be more and closer to the bursting point of collapse. When the situation explodes, a number of other consequences also follow. The traditional law-and-order machinery is no longer able to control and cater to the needs of an ever-growing crisis.

The government officials are in grim despair and awestruck wonder, a sense of helplessness. Public amenities like transport, sanitation, educational institutions and hospitals gradually become dysfunctional, creating a sense of distress and helplessness among those people in places affected by the three (3) typhoons who have to avail themselves of these services(see: DUE TO OUR LEADERS’ IRRESPONSIBILITY AND LAZINESS….). If this state of affairs continues in a few days to come, in the not-too-distant future, it would eventually lead to the collapse of civil society.

The challenges of such reordering are not inconsiderable, but doing nothing on the part of those at the helm of political power are even more dangerous. Something must be done to reverse the trend. The President must IMMEDIATELY GET ON HER TOES by weeding out unfit, disgusting, discombobulating, and useless Cabinet Officials, and their respective Usecs, Assecs, RDs, who are thought to be the forerunners of bad fortune. This is the only way the Philippines will be able to pull back from the precipice of the “tipping point”.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Now, the worse scenario of our Country which is in a much greater danger of facing adverse consequences is upon us already. The disaster brought by three (3) typhoons: Ondoy, Peping, Quedan, and then typhoon Peping, which came back and still in the Country, have all caused a disorder that is now one step closer to its tick-- the point at which order gradually gives way to disorder and, eventually, to chaos.

The Mega Cities of Metro Manila remain mostly flooded, the electricity supply is by schedule at alternately six-hour for every area. Resultantly, all businessmen are furious of the situation. The Province of Pangasinan is 90 percent submerged in water, the roads are impassable. For the Province of Pangasinan, ten thousand families with 40,000 individuals in 36 towns are submerging in water. Thirteen Barangays in the Province of Nueva Ecija; seventeen out of twenty-one Barangays in the Province of Tarlac are also submerged in water. The people are trapped in their respective houses with no food, water and medicine. Relief goods cannot reach them. All rice fields were totally destroyed. The intentional release of water from San Roque Dam had combined with the rainfall to cause the worst floods in the memory of many old-timers.

My observation on our country’s cruel experiences about the flood disasters besetting in simultaneous fashion as the flock of doom was a warning that was long overdue. The situation of the Philippines at this very moment is miserably deplorable, and such is the predictable result of the kind of Cabinet members and their respective Under Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries down to their Regional Directors (Usecs, Assecs, RDs) that we are having who are irresponsible and lazy. We have now the untold hardships and problems, the people are forced to endure on a daily basis with no concrete solution in sight. This country, the Philippines, is in for a long night, and only fate knows how many of those deeply affected by the floods would make it when it is morning.

Our taxes paid these government Cabinet officials to take charge of our government in an honest and responsible manner. But they did not. Instead, they lynched the people with suffocating crisis. In the physical world, we create order by staying organized, setting up systems, being efficient, and structuring our day and our physical space so that we have control to everything in our surroundings. Ethically, we bring order by behaving in an ethically predictable way, having systems and steps in place to solve problems, knowing the rules and resources available, and having confidence in who we are. When we add order to our task, we retain control and make a disciplined life easier to achieve. Yet, the public outcry for these government officials to reform and transform remained a taboo in the public domain.

The problems we are faced with are not unsolvable ones. These are problems which could have been dealt with at their roots, if only we had right people in our government. But I am afraid it would drive you crazy to inform you that those who lead us lack the intellectual ability, mental capacity and a well disposed state of mind to face head-on the problems which afflict us. They lack the wherewithal to take on the challenges associated with their respective offices. Their mode of thinking reclines far, far away from the standard; comparable with uneducated, callous minds, bystanders, which account for their low output. We have numskulls who parade themselves with such credentials as PhD, MA, MSc, DSSC, etc, which only make one wonder where they got such credentials from. Who gave it to them?

It is hard to imagine that every-time I wake up, I see the hope of a bright future being dashed away as a result of the reality of the present moment, which is, we don’t have leaders yet. My brothers and sisters, we have a serious problem at hand, and this calls for aggressive, but cautious measures.

Due to our Leaders’ irresponsibility and laziness they had encountered the situation where they had been forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, or perhaps to the situation where they had been given no choice at all. They had to choose whether they will risk that the Angat Dam and the San Roque Dam will collapse, as they thought it could happen, or, to dispel this from happening, they would release 40 million tons of water, at 2,000 cubic meters per second, but will certainly cause devastating floods that would result to indeterminable damages and deaths. They chose the latter.

A country that encounters a minimum of twenty (20) typhoons every year, they could have repaired these water dams from standing in a very precarious situation long time ago if that is what they have honestly believed every time there is a flood.

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Everything else becomes secondary when it comes to the matters of life and death. All the other issues should still take a back seat when it comes to the survival of our country and its citizens (NOW IT CAN BE TOLD WHAT CAUSED THE MASSIVE FLOODS… WE ARE OPPRESSED BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO BE)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our Philippine government has already a dismal reputation as a social pariah. Every time you pick up a newspaper, you have to read another article blaming the key government officials of the end of the world for the Filipinos. They have been tag as the poster children of moral irresponsibility. They practice a bereft culture of letting their critical official functions be performed and fulfilled by others who serve them. They take things for granted and always like to do as little work as possible, by confining only to signing papers and conducting press conferences with television coverage.

They are making a terrible mistake. Whatever the legal rights and wrongs in their unbridled lust for wealth from their government position, it isn't worth it. For their own futures, these Cabinet members would be better off accepting that they were the primary factor of failed governance - that they need to take sole responsibility for that, and the battle they are engaged in the court of public opinion, holding the battle flag draped over their faces to save their rotten reputation merely postpones the inevitable moment of truth. The sooner they learn, along with many others riding their coattails, to accept their role in the economic crunch with grace and dignity, the sooner it is for the good of our Country.

Very similar to celebrities are the Cabinet government officials. They are rewarded far too much for having done too little (multum in parvo) that surely isn't more satisfying than what is expected by the people, and commensurate to the emoluments and fringe benefits concomitant to their hierarchical government position. Just because they are members of the Cabinet, therefore, close to the President (THE LAST DEJECTED EFFORT OFTEN BECOMES THE WINNING STROKE), they could now flaunt and transgress the “code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees” with impunity. Our undying infatuation and envy of these elite government officials with such poor work ethics is leading this country in the wrong direction. Their utmost responsibility to serve the citizenry is hidden under a blanket of greed, laziness and irresponsibility-- a person caught in the grip of avarice. (MADAME PRESIDENT-- EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HANDS TO REBUILD OUR NATION, THE PHILIPPINES.)

It is in the government where ethics should reign supreme. Good governance can be achieved only when there is moral responsibility and it requires transparency. Government officials are the lamplighters of transparency and there is a moral dimension to their work that cannot be overlooked: they need to discharge their duties with integrity, honesty, and industry without fear or favor and their only loyalty is to the people.

Ours is a country coping with an epidemic of irresponsibility and laziness in our government officials, and this epidemic has to be halted if our people have to participate more meaningfully and intelligently in checking misfeasance and malfeasance in government. The people are all shareholders in the government; our taxes run the government and it is the people’s right to know that these taxes are spent for the welfare of the citizenry. That duty becomes more sacrosanct at times of economic difficulties, when more and more of our fellow Filipinos are falling below the poverty line. Instead, our elite public officials are treated as Lords in a pedestal as they suffocate the people with all that crisis of suffering now in the tipping point which only they had created (THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH).

Public officials hold the key to the establishment of the kind of government the people erected in our Constitution, a government where a public office is a public trust, a government that is ruled by the people and not a government that misrules the people.


Speech of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Reynato S. Puno before the GACPA Delivered
at Century Park Hotel, Manila, July 22, 2009.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our country’s present condition runs up by a fairly narrow layer of rare survival.

The members of the Cabinet’s overspending are one of the major causes of the plunge of our country’s economy. It is natural for a `never heard’ person who suddenly became “big shot” to strive to live up to his new identity and experience what I call an elitist status shock— one who succumbs to the DESTRUCTIVE ideology of “what are we in power for” euphemism that led to the binge wasteful spending and ensuring the nation’s economic crash. They retooled their personae by pandering their subordinates’ vices, catering to their wishes hoping of getting more than what their ability deserve; taking the place of kings where people gather themselves together to crouch down and lick their hands which feed them.

Likewise, along with technology, the rise of policy-making elites has exacerbated the credibility problem. The policy makers and crisis managers, who have combined "the arrogance of power," with "the arrogance of mind" drawn largely from foreign universities and the upper echelons of the bureaucracy, typically and arrogantly believe that only they possess the necessary intellect and skills to manage the nation's current state of affairs. As a result, it is easy for such officials to assume that the ordinary citizen is not equipped to understand complex issues of our country. From such an attitude, it is but a short step to justify misleading the public.

Within the Executive Branch itself, the arrogance of mind has had an insidious effect, for in time, they begin to believe their own misplaced brilliance. The deception designed for the public in the end becomes self-deception. To read the performance and disposition of these Cabinet members in detail at a time that calls for clear-eyed thinking is to perceive a group of men at the highest level of the government marching in lockstep toward certain disaster. In fact, how many times where the President Herself had been dragged and electrocuted with her Cabinet’s mental decadence. They had begun to believe their own arrogant mind’s "options," and "scenarios"; for them, reality had become the reflection in the fun-house mirror.

I know, the circumstances of our country are not left in vain if YOU, Madame President, will do something unprecedented (MADAME PRESIDENT-- EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HANDS TO REBUILD OUR NATION, THE PHILIPPINES). There is a quote from W.J. Cameron which I sincerely believe could be the driving force for our transformation—“The last dejected effort often becomes the winning stroke”.

We each have gifts, talents and past experiences that allow us to reach out and touch others in ways that will be meaningful to them. It often doesn't cost us more than a cup of coffee to do so. Some people have the experiences or passions that would make this country back on track that are perfectly suited to help YOU Madame President. Tap their special values and talents and see what they can do. I also believe that God doesn't ask YOU to do anything that He hasn't already prepared YOU for.

What could be the last dejected effort to change YOUR Official Family could be the promises to lead the pendulum swing away from an ostensibly brilliant people to awareness that in practice, this full of rhetoric turns out to be scraps of metal whose rightful place is in a junk shop. What seemed at first blush to be “knowledge creation” was more accurately “brain decay”.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Our Country is now at all kinds of crisis. Statistical surveys from different private entities have always been in consensus to the effect that the people no longer believe this government or the President. They no longer believe because they have come to understand that this government is always engaged in deception, slow as sloth, incompetent, and cannot do anything else about the volatile situation of our country. Many Filipinos have lost their faith like a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill.

According to the ancient tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, “When you discover you're riding a dead horse, your best move is to dismount.” This is an old idiom but the impact is still illuminating even by the passing of time. However, many of the Filipinos are still hanging on with this government and complacent to acknowledge that this government’s plan and strategies aren't working. Madame President: The existing bureaucrats are stuck in a rut and just can’t get on with what they want or need to do better than the paranoid, brain-dead as robot, immoral and elitist bunch they've become.

YOU are the President and the Mother of this nation; it is in YOUR hands to turn our Nation from down under to the top. YOU must bring new ones to man the agencies in the government. YOU have to stop associating with the loser-brigade, those dull excuse-makers who end up dragging YOU down to their level of complacency and incompetence. Fly with the eagles instead of scratching with the chooks. THE UNWIELDY BUREAUCRATS IN OUR GOVERNMENT SUFFER FROM INERTIA

Madame President, there are two main forces controlling YOUR actions as to whether to hang on with YOUR Cabinet members, or let go some, if not, all of them. Firstly, YOU don’t know what lies ahead. Secondly, it is a risky and dangerous journey because these people might turn against YOU. YOU are now at this very moment like a trapeze artist swinging high above the arena. YOU see the next bar coming toward YOU and YOU know YOU must reach out and 'claim it' - but YOU can't see clearly enough yet. YOU are afraid to fully reach out and grab the bar. So YOU continue to swing back and forth waiting for the right time. YOU are waiting for more confidence, waiting to be more prepared, waiting until YOU can build more trust.

When is the right time? Will YOU ever be prepared enough? How much confidence will it take? What would happen if YOU just let go of the bar YOU are holding and 'go for the other waiting to be grabbed'? Sometimes as frightening as it may seem, YOU must close one door in order for the next to open. Does this take courage? Yes, the courage to trust. Trust that YOU are never alone. Trust that everything that happens is in YOUR best interest. Trust that this desire for more/different would not be presenting itself, if YOU weren't ready. Trust that there's an element of risk in letting go 'the known', by acknowledging YOU will never get to second base if YOU don't take YOUR foot off first.

First base could be the Cabinet members YOU just lost and YOU are faced with seeing this loss as the bleakest day of YOUR life or the beginning of a new and fabulous opportunity by checking out what second base looks like. The aphorism, "No pain, no gain." takes on its full signification when it comes to great achievements. The effort required to turn a dream into reality is directly proportional to the scope of the dream. Wishful thinking never accomplished anything.

Madame President, we, YOUR people, loves YOU, we always understand YOU, and we accept YOUR special value as a person. The end of YOUR term is fast approaching, and what kind of legacy would YOU pass on to the future generation, and also what kind of memories YOU want to be remembered? But, if YOU fail, our children will inherit a country dominated by the dark angels of our time. If YOU fail, our progeny will be doomed to a life surrounded by fear, suspicion, hatred and death. YOU cannot end YOUR term sharing the same Cabinet members YOU have now. YOU can have another set and must be better than them. We must evolve into a society with leaders whose concern and love is with humanity more than personal gain. Our children’s future depends upon it.

With enough determination, no mountain is too high and no dragon is too fierce. It is the human element that no force can resist.

My source: Judy Irving, Ezine Articles

Saturday, October 3, 2009


The people of this country, the Philippines, are the most generous and well-meaning in the world, whatever their political and social orientations. And they don't all agree on political matters anymore. The reason: the political strong men of both parties are full of nefarious half truths and predictions. The people are not any other crapass hellhole of intellectual miniatures. They just don’t care anymore because all the politicians say is unhelpful. Bleed me dry inside making my soul hard and numb. I cannot feel the pain of which you speak; this anger is so strange and so great. It’s making me run berserk.

Those whose wealth came at the cost of others' suffering, the envy and rancor of the multitude against them are universal and restrained only by fear or necessity. The Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. But here in the Philippines the poor are invisible. They are not simply neglected and forgotten; what is much worse, they are not seen. We can never comprehend the reason why the politicians should live in silver platter while we have no food on our tables. Please see THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH. Maybe it makes me a dyed-in-the-wool Librul, but I find it very hard to see much anger that gets couched in “WHAT ARE WE IN POWER FOR"?

Every society indoctrinates its citizens from their earliest age to respect, believe, and be loyal to the government. Before they understand the meanings of the words in their pledge to the flag or the national anthem, they have learned them by rote and repeat them regularly. As they grow older their loyalty is reinforced through the church, the media, at work, and even in their families. Proudly backing a county's leader becomes natural for the loyal, patriotic citizen who will not be swayed, particularly during stressful periods like Calamities, disasters and wars. Many brainwashed people have done it, still do it, and many more will continue to do it!

It is extremely difficult to overcome inculcated biases that have built up over the years. But many found in our present corrupt Philippine government a treasure trove of horrors --the unrelenting corrupt practices of our government officials and more looting of public funds, and/or pulverizing yet some more of our already impoverished and devastated nation that their metamorphosis was rapid.

Supposedly honest and capable leaders have been proven to be liars and incompetents. What goes through the minds of the loyal citizens when each lie that brought our country now close to chaos is disclosed? What goes through the minds of the patriots when promises and predictions of investments from abroad -- "cakewalk," "mission accomplished," "welcomed with flowers" -- never occur? Does each lie and each bad prediction chip their loyalty armor?

The warriors on the front lines against the insurgents, terrorists and criminals are discovering that their government has very little regard for them and the burdens they must carry. Is the John Wayne enthusiasm wearing thin? How long will they remain loyal and patriotic? Signs that the chipping process has affected the perceptions of the citizenry may be inferred by their increasing skepticism of the administration's version of news that the media outlets had been disseminating.

Although the chipping has now hit the airwaves and shown in different performance surveys, it is doubtful that the corruptors will modify its devil-may-care tactics. Their urgent desire to achieve their nefarious objectives, which can never be revealed, compels them to continue with more lies and ridiculous predictions.

I suspect that more exposed lies and unfulfilled predictions will continue and conditions will deteriorate further until a sufficient mass of discontent will cause a major eruption. What happens next -- your guess is as good as mine -- but I think the consequences will cause this present government to join the list of ex-public officials.

Friday, October 2, 2009


The condition of the flood victims are the ugliest of beings. Their girth slumps over their belt, their hairs are in disarray, their eyes are bloodshot, and they hardly move due to sloth. None worries about them. These poor abandoned victims keep living and dying in huge pain, sometimes even wounded and bleeding with hundreds of maggot eating their bodies. Imagine for a while how it feels to be living in excruciating pain, physically, emotionally and psychologically. They are suffering because of the sick mentality of our public officials. Their stupidity is deadly and contagious. IT IS TIME TO OUST OUR DESPOTIC RULERS

Imagine, the government through the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) offered a calamity loan for government employees victims of tropical storm `Ondoy’. But when they came to the GSIS, they were being required to wait in congestion outside of the building for half day with no one telling them what to do; they were required to pay a service fee of 600 pesos; and the maximum loan amount of Php 20 thousand pesos will be deducted the balance of their previous loans. Is this not again foolishness? Our government officials have always been oscillating, if not fickle minded, always moves slowly and in an uncoordinated manner every time important public decision is required. THE HONOURABLE MEN

The government is lost all the time. As its high administrative officials steer through the economic crisis along a perilous, unfamiliar highway, their destination remains unknown. How will they ever find their way back on track? It’s a question many are asking of any number of the government agencies, at a time that calls for clear-eyed thinking. The direct impact of the tropical storm `Ondoy’ and the psychological blow that would ripple through the economy could be far more devastating if the government agency concerned would not get to address their structural issues. THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH

Some critics argue that the government got itself into this mess every time there is a tragic event of national proportion because like all corrupt regime in the world, the administrative officials/bureaucrats suffer from inertia, and the people who run them can become so isolated they don’t know and they don’t care what is happening in their own backyard. They are a bunch of folderols.

Why are these officials so dumb that they are not even using their common sense? So, whether you go to the higher officials or the boss of the bosses, you won’t be able to restore value from any of them within any meaningful timeframe. From that angle, there are lots of hopeless cases. Sooner or later everything will go down cold as clear as day. THE POWERS THAT BE or TPTB

The existing bureaucrats cannot turn their own agency around. The government must bring new ones to man the agency. Pick someone with brains: one willing to take some risks and make some changes. You see, when someone fresh, comes in, there are two advantages. One is that he does not have to waste any time upfront apologizing for how things got so bad. He could immediately start and say: This is the way it is, it’s pretty ugly, and we’ll all pull together to get us out of this ditch. The second thing is that in every organization, no matter how troubled, people may be angry, scared, upset, but there is usually a very deep streak of loyalty to the employer they’ve had for a long time. When a government agency brings in someone new, there’s hope that somehow this new person will change things, so let’s rally behind the new person. Many times, people love their company, and if you can just get them pointed in the right direction, they can do OK. NOW IT CAN BE TOLD WHAT CAUSED THE MASSIVE FLOODS… WE ARE OPPRESSED BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO BE
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