Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is a great and peculiar charm about Philippine politics especially everybody is seeing different personalities stumping the country to seek political position of their choice in the 2010 elections. Such is a gravamen of indecorum as the formal election campaign is still far away. Our old public functionary is a great deal too squeamish. Nevertheless, reading news-scraps on a subject which concerns our country’s future, that no political office is guaranteed anyone through birthright or pedigree, and where the position of the president is up for grabs —there is that charm that always goes with the mysterious and the uncertain. You can never be absolutely sure with the outcome of anything in such circumstances; you are chasing an alert and gamy riddle all the time, and the baffling turns and dodges of the prey make the life of the hunt.

Deciding immediately who you vote would spoil it. Praises and criticisms for or against all the possible candidates will cast a veil of dreamy and golden uncertainty over them, and leave steeped in a haunting and adorable mystery an incident which had been vulgar and commonplace but for that benefaction. Would you be wise to draw a conclusion out of those innuendos? Or, would you be properly grateful they had popped out? My sympathy can only be extended for those who were personally scorned. There is no suffering comparable with that which a person feels when he is pilloried in media. The heat of the election fever is still looming and it’s too soon their Eureka moment spatters. They should never lose their "faculty stripes."

We have been careless in choosing our political leaders, and the continued economic plunge in our country speaks for itself. It’s imperative to grab attention and to encourage creative discussion so I embarked into this topic in all earnestness, because our country has been pummeled, continuously, by forces that are leading progressively to its degradation. The electorate is supposed to control the government through its elected representatives, but these elected officials have taken control of the power and now control the people.

Our country is fond of artificial aristocracy founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents... The artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in government. This time we shall always show irreverence for royalties and titled creatures born into privilege, and all that class which take their title from anything but merit. Now is the time we should look ahead and not behind, we should welcome new ideas without rigid reactions, we should look for someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their political rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who has stood before the gates of all the storms of sufferings and who has realized that he could never want to be as certain about anything as were the people of our nation.

Gone are the days when we judged who the next political leaders of our country will be by means of popularity, power and money. Let’s choose them on the basis of the totality of their lives and not the pattern of their words. We should prefer an honest and righteous candidate than a TV politician who is like a preacher whose every word is God, God, God, and whose every deed is foul, foul, foul. "It does not require many words to speak the truth."“You can bend it and twist it, You can misuse and abuse it, but even God cannot change the Truth.”

A well-package web of lies had raked the whole country and the result had been that we are daily overfed and suffer a surfeit. By habit we stow this much every day, but we come by and by to take no vital interest in it -- indeed, we almost get tired of it. Until we give up and resign we can expect a change against all kinds of fraud that is taking shape in our country. Then, our intellectual curiosity - our appetite or desire for real news, sadly, no longer seem important to us. Opinion - especially coming from pundits - seems to be more important today. We just laugh when another scandal of fraud against the political leaders and it is quite embarrassing to hear how these leaders’ attempts to make us believe the brainwashing they regurgitate. We aren’t to take anything anymore. We sighed into exasperation why, when you come to think of it, who cares what becomes of those people? And to our mind, one relative or neighbor mixed up in a scandal is more interesting than a whole Sodom and Gomorrah of outlanders gone rotten. It’s much better we will just take care of ourselves and solve our own problems.

Let us recognize and distinguish who are the brilliant candidates that could put us on to progress, or the imbeciles who have all the tendencies to lead us to degradation and who are really capable of doing it. "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Shrewd politicians will invent cheap lies, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently follow them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the sufferings of our country is unavoidable, and will seek refuge to God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.

We are now personally acquainted with hundreds of journalists, and the opinion of the majority of them on how they build up candidates would not be worth tuppence, but when they speak in print it is the newspaper that is talking, the pygmy or scribe is not visible, and then their utterances shake the community like the thunders of prophecy. It has become a sarcastic proverb that a thing must be true if you saw it in a newspaper. That is the opinion intelligent people have of that lying vehicle in a nutshell. But the trouble is that the poor people--who constitute the grand overwhelming majority in our country, do believe and are moulded and convinced by what they get out of a newspaper, and there is where the harm lies.

One step in the wrong direction again will cause us a thousand years of regret. How much miseries will there be? We Filipinos have been in terrible suffering, called the tribulation, for decades because our political leaders, since the time of our forefathers until the present, had been deaf about the CHANGE the Filipino people voted for. They are willing to destroy the ONE PLAN we have to create a solution for their own mysterious, selfish, power-hungry reasons. They seem unconcerned about the country’s economy, suggesting we wait for better solutions. They are spewing lies, muddying the waters, and playing the WORST POLITICS imaginable with people's lives and livelihoods.

Until we make a firm stand, then our country is doomed. The economy will begin to spiral down further, and as more jobs are lost the business climate will crumble more. The government will lose its balance and then the worst will happen. The final political bubble will burst. The treasury will lose its ability to raise money and the Philippine economy will CRASH! The IMF and the rest of the world holding over 3 trillion Pesos in Philippine debt will have only one course of action: buy our country piece by piece. Unless we Filipinos change our ways in choosing good political leaders we will surely end up where we are headed. If we cannot reverse the ship of state on its collision course with disaster, then we – the ordinary citizens - are doomed to CRASH! Most of us will suffer, and the middle-class will be destroyed for good. We will be powerless.

The political leaders which caused the disaster will be fine. Remember, the rich always get richer. They'll make their money anyway possible - as they always do - while Filipinos slowly heals over decades from its deep wound. Once crashed, the causable political leaders will probably return to power, and do what they've always wanted to do. The result will be a dog eat dog nation again. Charity will be left to the poverty stricken mass sector, and millions of people will die. Only the strongest will survive. They are trying to return us to that very dark and ugly state, and they may succeed if we can't stop them. They got us to this point by spending us into oblivion, and now they're trying to say we can't be allowed to fix it but them.

I'm sorry to be so negative, but despite our "glass half full" national personality, everything described here is possible. Our only hope is that ordinary Filipinos who happen to be extremely affected by the down turn economy figure it out before it's too late. Our tomorrows will depend on what we do today. You don’t stay the course on a horse that’s going the wrong way!

These political leaders will aspire for an elective position of their choice in 2010 Elections. It runs on very strong and easy-to-find fuel - greed, money and power. They will do their best to lie, cheat and steal until we stop them. They will also continue to soak us in their own crap. When you think about it, it's the only way they can live with themselves. So, they and their ilk will continue to run amok unless we can stop them. We need to fight hard to shut down their access to greed, money and power. Slowing access to the fuel that feeds is always a good solution.

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