Thursday, September 10, 2009


In this period of great distress we have to take note at this moment that the disease of our country is the ungracious attitude of both the appointive and elective high ranking public officials. Our country is in the condition of a human body in a state of suspended animation—the heart still beats—the principle of vitality is unextinguished—but the active functions of life are suspended. We the people is the government and we must breathe the breath of confidence into it that it will be at once resuscitated.

This is an urgent call that the people is placed and should be the pressing and paramount object to which the attention of every patriotic citizen ought to be directed. Government officials are paid by the people obtained through taxes which in a practical sense, as additional premium of whatever is worn, drank or eaten. The people do not pay these public officials to use their position to commit corruption, oppression, money laundering, over-spending of public funds, exploitation for personal gain, etc.

This is a state of things which the people do not wish to see perpetuated. It is contrary to the genius and fundamental principles of our Republican system. Of all schemes of policy we can conceive, that which proposes a permanent distinction between the public officials and the people in their pecuniary interests—one acting like a King, and the other, the people treated without any respect as if a slave—such a system of discrimination is, to our mind, of all others, the most injurious and revolting in principle, the most heartless in character, and the most despotic in its tendencies.

It is like quartering the public officials as Lords in a pedestal on the heart of our country possessing a large sum of money lying idle in their hands as they suffocate the people with all that crisis of suffering and alarm only they had created. You-entrench it behind a frowning fortification—surround it with battlements, and lay the country, far and near, under contribution for the support of this garrison of office-holders. Desolation and oppression are without, while the tenants of the citadel are reveling in luxury and profusion within.

We are not willing, for one, to see the government which we formed and established placed in this anti-social, if not belligerent, attitude towards the sovereign people. We are not willing that these abusive public officials should exhibit such a spectacle of inequality and oppression on us, their master, and they, the servants, not the other way around as their corrupted and sin-blinded minds are leading us to confusion. It is about time we anchor their tragic souls firmly in their right places. We are afraid to make them mad so we temper our words by calling these blatant liars nice polite things as Honourables. This time the people must assert and insist for these abusive public officials to cease and desist, effective immediately, from committing acts and assuming powers outside the mandate of the law.

It actually has deep-rooted sociological underpinnings that many public officials lust for power because it is the passport to the land flowing with milk and honey; that whatever they desire, all that is needed is just say the magic word “open sesame” and all the earthly comfort and riches will be spreading abundantly in an instant over them. That is why; they cannot see their life without it.

They must cling to it though hell should bar the way. They have begun this way so they must never try to live any other way. They bow and vow to bind themselves together for life and death that everything in turquoise green, greener than the deepest sea they had widely scooped over time, manifesting their bestial taste, must never fly away.

Since we do not resist, the urge of these public officials to abuse power had reduced us into hobbists and the ability to resist becomes exceedingly difficult. We are only waiting for this moment to arrive, it’s now or never that we must rely and count on ourselves to stand up and assert our sovereignty. They got their weapons, they have the law, they got the judge’s on their side, but we got the might and we are right.

And as the light of dawn always comes right after the deepest darkness, one glorious day we will reign and get back everything they got. Until we steer our destiny with glory to save ourselves, these senseless glutton will continue to imprison us, destroying anyone who speaks against their ambitions.

Circumstances showing default of public service by these public officials are in publications- they steal, they lie, they break our will, sold and trampled our rights and freedom, and they manipulate us like a bull, attaching an emotional nose ring on us through fear so they can easily lead us around-- exploit us with the pretext of duty; and he who does not take them into consideration is not erroneous, but mad, metaphysically mad. A concerned citizen, never losing sight of principles, is to be guided by circumstances; and judging contrary to the exigencies of the moment, may ruin his country for ever.

Whether we are not, in time, to have here a swarm of official locusts yet, that will bear a corresponding proportion that could eventually darken and devour our nation, may depend upon the action taken now and then. This sentiment being expressed is but the grain of mustard seed, the least of all seeds, but when it is grown, it will be a large tree, overspreading the land with its boughs, so that the fowls of the air, the birds of prey, will come and lodge in the branches thereof.

We and our families deserve a great life. This may be the time to take action and do something for our future by taking either baby steps or giant steps. But no matter what size steps we take, the important thing is to perspicaciously start taking action. Nothing happens until something moves. Let’s made up our minds, that if it was to be, it was up for us to see. A system that promotes leaders quickly as necessary and destroys leaders who retain power for power's sake is what I want.

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