Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The scene of the aftermath of the tropical storm Ondoy was grotesque and terrible (see The flood-affected areas were all covered with thick mud, and water pipes are contaminated with e.coli bacteria which could result to diarrhea, worse, to cholera. The electricity has not been restored. The thoroughfares are not yet passable because the thick mud, trunks of trees, and all kinds of garbage are all over. Classes in all levels have been suspended indefinitely. Relief goods are being distributed without proper direction. Those who cannot go to distribution centers because they were trapped in their respective houses are dying of hunger. Sacks of rice distributed to the victims are not fitted for human consumption, therefore, some of them chose not to accept.

In the distribution centers, hungry people are like dogs fighting for a piece of meat. They are pushing against one another trying to get ahead of the queue to be given rations containing assorted canned goods and other ready to cook food. A brief and terrifying dip into that big crowd shows one what it's like to be a piece of meat thrown into a room of starving wolves.

The situation, the condition of the victims, the slow foot action of the government, the system adapted for giving food, and all kinds of inconveniences you can imagine could happen prevailed. In effect, all are a hopeless mess and no one seemed to have much idea what was the government doing with all of these. (Please see the videos at

The poorest of the poor in the poverty stricken country, the Philippines, have successfully succeeded in withstanding different kinds of hardships but they could not surely withstand the process of bastardization. This is what the government is doing to us. Please see THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH. We must seek to restore to our country the great importance we used to give to human relations, the high regard to people and their property, and for life in general. These are the essential features of our culture to which we must cling.

It is the poor who are always getting the shortestest end of the stick. It’s the poor who are often the direct objects of exploitation. It’s the poor who are governed by ill-defined restrictive laws while the wealthy flouted with the rules as they can always get away by greasing the right palms. It’s the poor who are oppressed because they are weak. It is the poor who are always shoved around and the least to be noticed and attended to in calamity situation (MULTUM IN PARVO--THERE IS MUCH IN LITTLE).

We have to take upon ourselves the cudgels of the struggle will see us through. We must remove from our vocabulary completely the concept of fear. Truth must ultimately triumph over evil, and this corrupt regime has always nourished their greed on this basic fear that shows itself in our community. Please see IT IS TIME TO OUST OUR DESPOTIC RULERS.

It’s all about the rule of law, and the rule of law means that no-one is above, and no-one is beneath. But the government does both, all the time.

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