Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It is sad that it takes a tragic event of national proportions to remind voters and pundits alike of the one issue that hovers over the entire country of the Republic of the Philippines- the fact that we are at all kinds of crisis. It says a great deal about the sorry state of affairs and attention spans that the next President and Commander in Chief will have to inherit an unholy mess nation, while for the last few months, the voting public and pundits have not paid attention to it.

Pundits have to wisen up. The crucial issue in our country is the way our nation is being ruled by the present administration. The economy, welfare of our country, the peace and order situation, and our volatile situation depend on it. We, as voters, owe them that much. Everything else becomes secondary when it comes to the matters of life and death. All the other issues should still take a back seat when it comes to the survival of our country and its citizens.

It can now be told that the tropical storm `Ondoy’ tragedy which has now claimed 300 deaths and still counting, was caused by the water released from the Angat Dam. It was now confirmed by the government itself as the news revealed at DZRH Radio this morning, September 30, 2009, that on Saturday, September 26, 2009, its personnel had released water from the Angat dam in Bulacan to prevent overflow due to the heavey rains. Therefore, it is clear that such act of releasing water from the Angat Dam is definitely the root cause of the massive floods to its neighboring towns and the Mega Cities in Metro Manila. Focus on this: the water from Angat Dam if release can cause massive floods. The water from the Angat Dam was release on Saturday at the height of heavy rains brought by tropical storm `Ondoy’. On Saturday, massive floods occurred in various areas and in Metro Manila, the worse ever in the record history. Therefore, the massive floods were caused by the water from the Angat Dam. This is a simple syllogism.

The tragedy of the tropical storm `Ondoy’ is one of the defining moments of the Philippine government, and I hope whoever calls the shots, whoever it may be, is ready to deal with that.

There won’t be time to ponder the decisions, wait for reports, dig through different suggestions; she, he or they must be able to come with one plan with the ability to make choices of monumental consequences without second guessing, regrets, or time to change their mind. I had a premonition in my blog post OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM regarding major crisis.

That time has come and it is up for us to wake up through the pundits and the media which we hope they are willing, able, and fully prepared to take that responsibility on their shoulders. This isn’t a criticism of any one, but hopefully a wakeup call to those who need to get their priorities in order.

We can win this impossible war of survival (please see IT IS TIME TO OUST OUR DESPOTIC RULERS) if we will unite and pull our resources together for a single objective—rebuild our Nation. Our country, our flag, and our pride as Filipinos are all at stake. I don't think we would all fit under the rock we would be hiding under
like ostriches. We do not need a Commander & Chief who only speaks to the Ground Commanders from a distance and only goes out when the television light flickers. We need a hands-on leader who has a man-to-man monitoring initiative. We need to be led towards action, not just informed. Not just "invited", but led, inspired, empowered. Leaders, who decide to get serious and make a bold stand for our wonderful country, do some butt-kickery, at least on that to those inefficient and unproductive sycophant officials. If not, things would get worse, really fast.

We don’t want leaders whom we can suspect as seeing the occurrence of turmoil as an opportunity to separate us, so we are weak under pressure, then, impose Martial Law to perpetuate power.
They would be a precipitating factor were such horror to occur again. We will unite among ourselves and our flag and country. NOT those bozos who hope for some calamities to come us again, and fiddle like Nero, watching Rome burn. I am scared as to what would happen! There is no one to trust anymore.

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