Monday, September 28, 2009


We all have seen the tragedy that has taken place in our country, the Republic of the Philippines, caused by Tropical Storm `Ondoy’. The pictures we are seeing on TV are horrifying, tragic, and overwhelming. As we watch how the victims themselves struggled to save their own lives it truly makes one think how precious life truly is.

The total number of fatalities from tropical storm “Ondoy" in the Mega Cities of Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces that submerged in mud and water may already be more than 200 as the tally is till awaiting some more reports.

The onslaught of this natural disaster have brought us to the largest mobilization of resources for one single natural disaster in the history of our Country; how the different private companies and establishments voluntarily responded and showed charitable feelings to donate hard earned money to help the people that are in need. In just two days of the donation campaign, it already accumulated over Php 50 million pesos. The notion and belief that we can and will give back to others less fortunate, in pain, sick or grieving is indeed a part of a value system that is witnessed by all of us being put into action. The help you are giving may be very small for you, but for the victims, they are already so much. Please see my blog MULTUM IN PARVO--THERE IS MUCH IN LITTLE

On the other hand, the intended government funding of Php10 million is still being proposed and negotiated through series of conferences by and among our higher leadership echelons. A usual snail’s pace action by the government—typical of too much speaking, not enough acting it when it comes to the welfare and benefit of the public. But when it comes to their own personal purpose and aggrandizement they can always find a way to do it hocus pocus. Please see my blog OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM

The world keeps spinning regardless how any one person might feel, either our little trip on Planet Earth is a rip-roaring ride or it's the pits. As long as we are breathing we always encounter many obstacles we have to cope with. Suffering is rampant in today's world because of the misconception that we can get something for giving nothing. That is why people are stealing and falling into trouble. Giving and receiving are the both sides of the same coin. You have to give in order to get. This is a simple truth.

Just two weeks ago, I received a text message from my private electrician, Arnulfo, he is the one I call when something is wrong in the house connected with electrical. He wants to borrow Php2,500.00 because his grandchild was hospitalized. Money is hard that the adage; "A penny saved is a penny earned" had to be applied to my family in greater measure. But I cannot afford to totally fail him, so, I gave Php1,000.00 without any qualm if I’ll be paid or not.

Ten (10) days thereafter, I was called by my staff that the laptap computer which I requisitioned three (3) years ago from the Department of Agrarian Reform, a government agency which I work, and I had lost interest already due to its appalling delay, will be delivered the following day. Now I have the laptap with me. My Php1,000.00 was exchanged with the laptap worth Php26,000—a multifold return.

You have to offer something for the fellow human beings and for the world. Think constantly what you can give rather than how you would get? The return is often multiplied on the rebound. This makes me realize how truly the phrase is: They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing. Likewise, nothing could be further from the truth that when people are on their deathbed they don't ask to see their checkbook ledger one last time to see how well they have done in life. It is what they will be remembered for and what they have left behind. Please see my blog TAKE MY BAIT AGAIN...WELL-PACKAGE WEB OF LIES

Reach out to others and let them know how you feel. Be generous. Generosity means giving freely with no strings attached. If you look for opportunities you will find so many ways to be generous.

After this tragic event brought about by tropical storm `Ondoy’, our most important thing to do is to concentrate on what can be done now to help those most directly affected and to ensure that those who are rendered homeless will be taken cared of by the government even after the national coverage of the flood disaster die down. Please see my blog TRIBUTE TO ERAÑO MANALO AKA KA ERDY, IGLESIA NI KRISTO HEAD

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