Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As I was climbing out of my thoughts as I resisted sleep, my mind in a reverie provoked by shock when I heard the news of the death of the Leader of the Iglesia Ni Kristo Eraño Manalo. It is a severe lost not only to the INK congregation but to the entire Pilipinos. As I shake my head in despair, it occurs to me that the rationality of his approach in his belief to Christianity when linked to genuine rewards, has achieved a glorifying appeal. By projecting his achievements as a Leader back along the forgetting curve, by provably linking the distant future — when we will know so much — to the few minutes we devote reflecting on his life today, his Leadership has found a way to condition his love to Jesus Christ along with his specific powers of intelligence and understanding of the ultimate good. He was making the future noticeable. He was trying not just to unite all religions but to warm the process of spreading the gospel with a draft of utopian ecstasy.

A consistent vision informs all of the Leader’s abiding love for his followers and humanity, a profound delight in its endlessly various riches of wisdom and enlightened adept, and a strong sense of personal engagement with Jesus Christ and His teachings. Refreshingly free of academic jargon: forceful, direct, highly personal and expressive, yet attuned to the infinite complexities of his church and his mission on earth.

I reverently show my attitude of humility, of adoration, of perceiving my smallness compared to the one possessed with majestic personality.

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