Thursday, September 17, 2020



It is said that it is better to lose face than your head. But the Yellows are worse because they are both. They fashioned languages and customs as varied as the feathers of the birds.


The Yellows had a perennial reputation to cherry-pick a subject that they could exploit against the Duterte government in order to wreak havoc throughout the entire country. This time, they chose the Manila Bay white sand beach project of the DENR. But no matter how they confuse the real world with a sci-fi dystopia and focus on the dark side of the project, they always end up being stupid because their sarcasm was bound to be overruled by the Filipino people.

The Yellows’ hatred towards PRRD is the drug of the devil. They Dream their dreams of hate as they are bent on stirring up a lot of trouble. It is because of the Yellows that brother stands against his brother. They won’t change because the snake doesn’t change his skin. They’re blind to the truth that their days of the warpath have ended. They know only to lie and ruin the nation. They won’t change.

Saturday, September 12, 2020



We are all witnessing firsthand the emotional whirlwind that has divided nearly everyone despite all of us having the same goal.

Let us recognize and distinguish who could put our country on to progress, between the Duterte government as against the Pnoy Yellows who are the imbeciles who have all the tendencies to lead us to degradation and who have in fact done it to our country and its citizens. They are trying to return us to that very dark and ugly state, and they may succeed if we can't stop them. It’s a matter of rubbing our noses and know who made those lies sound truthful and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020



It is easy to be parochial and to mumble away about the DENR Manila Bay white sand beach project by prattling that such a decision flies in the face of providence at this point in time with the pandemic economic crisis. This rush to judgment orchestrated by the mobs of stone-throwers who just want to be heard not with intention, but rather, for attention. That’s how they’re wired. But are we going to allow them to dictate their narrative on the government’s entire trajectory?

If we’re just keeping it a whole stock, the said DENR project benefits us all and helps create a safer and better world that kindles every heart’s desire. The said project shall be a healer and a renewer. It’s a show window to our country that creates a lasting first impression because it portrays a light so bright that dispels all darkness and outweighs all the negative experiences that exceed all expectations.

Therefore, it’s time: time to stop living a life of opprobrium and a time to take back such a foul narrative by being open-minded. Against all criticisms, the said project once realized, it changes our world as its beauty consumes everyone with a burning flame that does not abate. A light as brilliant and piercing as the brightest star.


Monday, September 7, 2020



With an exquisite show of heart and adaptability, we saw PRRD silenced the hubbub and the wackos as he granted an absolute pardon to US Corporal Scott Pemberton.

The wise and profound action of PRRD enveloped both the inward around of spiritual ascent and the outward realities. For PRRD, neither revenge nor retaliation would make our lives more magical or less tortuous. Thus, we must do away with our emotions for revenge and retaliation, but rather focus and remain on course to the bigger crisis full range on the COVID pandemic and the PhilHealth corruption that are teetering our country on the verge of collapse.

For PRRD, if we stop with every dog that barks, we will never reach our destination. So, these are the valuable knowledge that PRRD is passing to everyone in that to survive in this life’s inhospitable terrain is to know when to react and when to let go.

Monday, August 31, 2020



What PRRD did when he kissed the ground surface in Jolo, Sulu, where the explosion occurred was a powerful impact on the bereaved families as he had shown he valued the dignity of the lives of the 15 soldiers and civilians, and those 40 injured from the blast. PRRD had learned from his experiences in a long span of time that the dignity of a human being, his culture, religion, a country, actually resides in its ability for grace and compassion.

Yes, even with all the books of knowledge that you might read and impart your knowledge to others, but mankind will never be the wiser about its future unless it is coupled with a sense of love and compassion for their fellow beings. The word love if you understand that and practice it, that itself is enough to enlighten mankind.


Friday, August 28, 2020



Sen. Bong Go is one filled with flair, passion, and exceptional talent that is groomed to greatness. When there’s ahead of a problem, he’s not going to take it sitting down. He knows better than to scratch that itch. He’s stepping into the ring of fire to wipe that problem out.

Sen. Bong Go continues to have the title of never losing track when problems and challenges come one after another. It’s like different rounds of a fight, those body blows and headshots start to have an accumulation. There are aches and pains, there are nicks and bruises but nothing fazes him. He runs through these brick walls and showed a vivid display of determination to protect the poor and give them a decent life.

What Sen. Bong Go has been doing was the type of thing that becomes canonized in the lore of an all-time great public servant.

Monday, August 24, 2020



Yes, the road to free the Philippines from the shackles of corruption was too tortuous like a ribbon stretching across the desert. But you must tread them and as you go along, you have to be a thunder of a mighty lion whose stomach was a bottomless pit.

If the government is bent, focused, and determined to stop corruption, it must welcome and listen to every idea and proposal from anyone that in his mind could solve the problem of corruption immediately. We must devise something that would create an effective visual psyche disincentive for the government official not to corrupt. Let’s be all that we can be.

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