Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The scene of the aftermath of the tropical storm Ondoy was grotesque and terrible (see The flood-affected areas were all covered with thick mud, and water pipes are contaminated with e.coli bacteria which could result to diarrhea, worse, to cholera. The electricity has not been restored. The thoroughfares are not yet passable because the thick mud, trunks of trees, and all kinds of garbage are all over. Classes in all levels have been suspended indefinitely. Relief goods are being distributed without proper direction. Those who cannot go to distribution centers because they were trapped in their respective houses are dying of hunger. Sacks of rice distributed to the victims are not fitted for human consumption, therefore, some of them chose not to accept.

In the distribution centers, hungry people are like dogs fighting for a piece of meat. They are pushing against one another trying to get ahead of the queue to be given rations containing assorted canned goods and other ready to cook food. A brief and terrifying dip into that big crowd shows one what it's like to be a piece of meat thrown into a room of starving wolves.

The situation, the condition of the victims, the slow foot action of the government, the system adapted for giving food, and all kinds of inconveniences you can imagine could happen prevailed. In effect, all are a hopeless mess and no one seemed to have much idea what was the government doing with all of these. (Please see the videos at

The poorest of the poor in the poverty stricken country, the Philippines, have successfully succeeded in withstanding different kinds of hardships but they could not surely withstand the process of bastardization. This is what the government is doing to us. Please see THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH. We must seek to restore to our country the great importance we used to give to human relations, the high regard to people and their property, and for life in general. These are the essential features of our culture to which we must cling.

It is the poor who are always getting the shortestest end of the stick. It’s the poor who are often the direct objects of exploitation. It’s the poor who are governed by ill-defined restrictive laws while the wealthy flouted with the rules as they can always get away by greasing the right palms. It’s the poor who are oppressed because they are weak. It is the poor who are always shoved around and the least to be noticed and attended to in calamity situation (MULTUM IN PARVO--THERE IS MUCH IN LITTLE).

We have to take upon ourselves the cudgels of the struggle will see us through. We must remove from our vocabulary completely the concept of fear. Truth must ultimately triumph over evil, and this corrupt regime has always nourished their greed on this basic fear that shows itself in our community. Please see IT IS TIME TO OUST OUR DESPOTIC RULERS.

It’s all about the rule of law, and the rule of law means that no-one is above, and no-one is beneath. But the government does both, all the time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It is sad that it takes a tragic event of national proportions to remind voters and pundits alike of the one issue that hovers over the entire country of the Republic of the Philippines- the fact that we are at all kinds of crisis. It says a great deal about the sorry state of affairs and attention spans that the next President and Commander in Chief will have to inherit an unholy mess nation, while for the last few months, the voting public and pundits have not paid attention to it.

Pundits have to wisen up. The crucial issue in our country is the way our nation is being ruled by the present administration. The economy, welfare of our country, the peace and order situation, and our volatile situation depend on it. We, as voters, owe them that much. Everything else becomes secondary when it comes to the matters of life and death. All the other issues should still take a back seat when it comes to the survival of our country and its citizens.

It can now be told that the tropical storm `Ondoy’ tragedy which has now claimed 300 deaths and still counting, was caused by the water released from the Angat Dam. It was now confirmed by the government itself as the news revealed at DZRH Radio this morning, September 30, 2009, that on Saturday, September 26, 2009, its personnel had released water from the Angat dam in Bulacan to prevent overflow due to the heavey rains. Therefore, it is clear that such act of releasing water from the Angat Dam is definitely the root cause of the massive floods to its neighboring towns and the Mega Cities in Metro Manila. Focus on this: the water from Angat Dam if release can cause massive floods. The water from the Angat Dam was release on Saturday at the height of heavy rains brought by tropical storm `Ondoy’. On Saturday, massive floods occurred in various areas and in Metro Manila, the worse ever in the record history. Therefore, the massive floods were caused by the water from the Angat Dam. This is a simple syllogism.

The tragedy of the tropical storm `Ondoy’ is one of the defining moments of the Philippine government, and I hope whoever calls the shots, whoever it may be, is ready to deal with that.

There won’t be time to ponder the decisions, wait for reports, dig through different suggestions; she, he or they must be able to come with one plan with the ability to make choices of monumental consequences without second guessing, regrets, or time to change their mind. I had a premonition in my blog post OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM regarding major crisis.

That time has come and it is up for us to wake up through the pundits and the media which we hope they are willing, able, and fully prepared to take that responsibility on their shoulders. This isn’t a criticism of any one, but hopefully a wakeup call to those who need to get their priorities in order.

We can win this impossible war of survival (please see IT IS TIME TO OUST OUR DESPOTIC RULERS) if we will unite and pull our resources together for a single objective—rebuild our Nation. Our country, our flag, and our pride as Filipinos are all at stake. I don't think we would all fit under the rock we would be hiding under
like ostriches. We do not need a Commander & Chief who only speaks to the Ground Commanders from a distance and only goes out when the television light flickers. We need a hands-on leader who has a man-to-man monitoring initiative. We need to be led towards action, not just informed. Not just "invited", but led, inspired, empowered. Leaders, who decide to get serious and make a bold stand for our wonderful country, do some butt-kickery, at least on that to those inefficient and unproductive sycophant officials. If not, things would get worse, really fast.

We don’t want leaders whom we can suspect as seeing the occurrence of turmoil as an opportunity to separate us, so we are weak under pressure, then, impose Martial Law to perpetuate power.
They would be a precipitating factor were such horror to occur again. We will unite among ourselves and our flag and country. NOT those bozos who hope for some calamities to come us again, and fiddle like Nero, watching Rome burn. I am scared as to what would happen! There is no one to trust anymore.

Monday, September 28, 2009


We all have seen the tragedy that has taken place in our country, the Republic of the Philippines, caused by Tropical Storm `Ondoy’. The pictures we are seeing on TV are horrifying, tragic, and overwhelming. As we watch how the victims themselves struggled to save their own lives it truly makes one think how precious life truly is.

The total number of fatalities from tropical storm “Ondoy" in the Mega Cities of Metro Manila and other neighboring provinces that submerged in mud and water may already be more than 200 as the tally is till awaiting some more reports.

The onslaught of this natural disaster have brought us to the largest mobilization of resources for one single natural disaster in the history of our Country; how the different private companies and establishments voluntarily responded and showed charitable feelings to donate hard earned money to help the people that are in need. In just two days of the donation campaign, it already accumulated over Php 50 million pesos. The notion and belief that we can and will give back to others less fortunate, in pain, sick or grieving is indeed a part of a value system that is witnessed by all of us being put into action. The help you are giving may be very small for you, but for the victims, they are already so much. Please see my blog MULTUM IN PARVO--THERE IS MUCH IN LITTLE

On the other hand, the intended government funding of Php10 million is still being proposed and negotiated through series of conferences by and among our higher leadership echelons. A usual snail’s pace action by the government—typical of too much speaking, not enough acting it when it comes to the welfare and benefit of the public. But when it comes to their own personal purpose and aggrandizement they can always find a way to do it hocus pocus. Please see my blog OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM

The world keeps spinning regardless how any one person might feel, either our little trip on Planet Earth is a rip-roaring ride or it's the pits. As long as we are breathing we always encounter many obstacles we have to cope with. Suffering is rampant in today's world because of the misconception that we can get something for giving nothing. That is why people are stealing and falling into trouble. Giving and receiving are the both sides of the same coin. You have to give in order to get. This is a simple truth.

Just two weeks ago, I received a text message from my private electrician, Arnulfo, he is the one I call when something is wrong in the house connected with electrical. He wants to borrow Php2,500.00 because his grandchild was hospitalized. Money is hard that the adage; "A penny saved is a penny earned" had to be applied to my family in greater measure. But I cannot afford to totally fail him, so, I gave Php1,000.00 without any qualm if I’ll be paid or not.

Ten (10) days thereafter, I was called by my staff that the laptap computer which I requisitioned three (3) years ago from the Department of Agrarian Reform, a government agency which I work, and I had lost interest already due to its appalling delay, will be delivered the following day. Now I have the laptap with me. My Php1,000.00 was exchanged with the laptap worth Php26,000—a multifold return.

You have to offer something for the fellow human beings and for the world. Think constantly what you can give rather than how you would get? The return is often multiplied on the rebound. This makes me realize how truly the phrase is: They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing. Likewise, nothing could be further from the truth that when people are on their deathbed they don't ask to see their checkbook ledger one last time to see how well they have done in life. It is what they will be remembered for and what they have left behind. Please see my blog TAKE MY BAIT AGAIN...WELL-PACKAGE WEB OF LIES

Reach out to others and let them know how you feel. Be generous. Generosity means giving freely with no strings attached. If you look for opportunities you will find so many ways to be generous.

After this tragic event brought about by tropical storm `Ondoy’, our most important thing to do is to concentrate on what can be done now to help those most directly affected and to ensure that those who are rendered homeless will be taken cared of by the government even after the national coverage of the flood disaster die down. Please see my blog TRIBUTE TO ERAÑO MANALO AKA KA ERDY, IGLESIA NI KRISTO HEAD

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We often have trouble imagining the worst scenario until the terrible event occurs. Only then can we evaluate our emergency response preparations. We cannot predict the exact type of disaster that will occur in the future and the specific problems it will create, but we can develop general principles and guidance for better emergency response.

73 killed, 23 others missing as storm Ondoy whips the Republic of the Philippines. The number of affected families across Luzon has swelled to 69,513 (about 337,216 people). The partial total number of evacuees has also reached 11,967 families (about 59,920 people) who are staying in 118 evacuation centers, National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) data showed.

A good planning principle is to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” Planners can use this recent disaster brought by storm Ondoy to improve the quality of services the government can provide under emergency conditions and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Every disaster presents a unique combination of problems. Ondoy disaster, that recently pummeled Metro Manila through flooding, and thousands of people isolated for days without water, food or medical care, can be our greatest lesson.

This analysis is not intended to fault individuals. Rather, it is intended to honestly examine planning failures. We can assume that nearly everybody involved in emergency response sincerely wants to do their best; after all, they and their loved ones may also require emergency services. Many emergency responders make significant personal sacrifices. If we are to make any judgments, it would be against anybody who hides, denies or understates mistakes and so prevents society from learning to avoid such errors in the future.

My Blog space attempts to identify ways to better allow government agencies to help people in National Emergencies since this is the primary job of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC). Various long-term planning errors contributed to the `Ondoy’ disaster: the concentration of Poverty in the Philippines makes the surrounding neighborhoods vulnerable to flooding, The Philippine government may have focused excessively on politics at the expense of natural risks. This is an important issue to explore, and where appropriate, correct. Why does it always take a serious crisis to wake this country to flood disaster that are visible even to bats? It follows a predictable path and provides considerable warning.

The Philippines have no well-established automatic response plans during the evacuation periods. The emergency response of the government agencies are always delayed as ever, extensive emergency response and relief was not immediately provided but only after more than THIRTY HOURS at daybreak on September 27, 2009 from the time the alarm was sounded at 11:00 o’clock in the morning of September 25, 2009, Philippine time. Actual deaths were a fraction of what could have occurred had it not been the Filipino people themselves lending a helping hand to each other and one after another.

As we sit in our home that is not threatened, enjoy our meals with our families and be able to tuck our children into their safe bed at night, we need to stop and think of those hundreds of thousands of people that are notable to do this and may not be able to for months to come. These people can not even get access to the basic necessities in order to survive. This true desperation we are seeing is what will spur us into action to help those that are in need. How can we see those pictures, stories and videos of our fellow Filipinos suffering and not take action?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is what our tax money is supposed to go towards. But with just a span of six hours of rain brought by a tropical storm named Ondoy it already caused floods and submerged practically the entire Metro Manila with water, damaging several homes and all the thoroughfares impassable—bringing the Mega City of over ten million people to a virtual standstill. Flood waters were all over, catching people in the streets by surprise and finding themselves splashing, flapping and flipping through raging waters to save dear lives. Main floors of some buildings and houses are buried under water, scrambling inhabitants to the rooftops. There are some homes that are still sitting under four feet of water and some homes that are not going to be livable again. As of now, at least 52 people, including 42 in the province of Rizal, were left dead.

This was the worst-case scenario that I've seen. Flooding continues to plague the Philippines since time immemorial but the present flooding is the worst in the record history. This is attributed to poor drainage system, pollution, and garbage problem that have worsened the effects of the heavy downpour—the result of the failure of the government to catch up with the pace of the modern and ever changing world due to steadily increased commission of corruption. Just in the news this morning, September 26, 2009, a high ranking public official may find himself in hot water following allegations of mismanaging billions of pesos from the Road Users' Tax.

But the corrupt regime doesn’t seem to care mainly because they are not and can never be affected. In spite of the crisis plaguing the country the landscape is dotted with their mansions, their private jets and chartered planes flew instantly for drop-of-the-hat trips anywhere in the world as their random spur of the moment, on frivolous caprices of intermingled lust dictates; and that the people turn tail and run at their omnipotent power, money and invulnerability.

The Philippines is a nation with the wherewithal to be great. But I took sometime to ponder why it had become adrift and thrown into a perpetual third world country and one of the poorest. It has a population it cannot sustain when it would have been a land of milk and honey. Had our leaders not been greedy to enrich themselves in great measure, the image of the Philippines as one of the most corrupt on the face of the earth would not have been.

We can win an impossible war of survival even from the ashes of our own destruction. If we will it, it need not be a dream. It would require sacrifice, 100 times harder work than we could ever think if we want a new nation to burst onto the international scene. Then it’s time to start seeing a lusty cry of a newborn infant, yearning to breathe free.

In blood and fire heroes are born, and on a hot anvil is forged a great nation. With unbelievable bravery and heroism the new state survived. In blood sweat and tears is where history is unfolded and were reborn the vibrant character of proud citizens of a free and progressive State.

With stories of burning flesh from the ovens of subjugation embedded deep in our psyches, we must fight with the firm conviction that there is no alternative (ein brera) so that what has been taken from us would be returned to us as the rightful owner.

“There are pearls in each of us, if only we knew how to cultivate them with ardor and persistence”. “Our struggles in life go to the determined, not to the outraged; to the committed, not to those who are merely dramatic”.

Friday, September 25, 2009


The government appears to be living the biblical admonition that says “For he that has, to him shall be given: and he that has not, from him shall be taken even that which he has”.

We Filipinos have had our own share of experiences how corruption had permeated all facets of the government, and how the masses tried to protest by way of vocally stating that enough was enough. But the government failed of what it said it is going to do. This should make us cautious just about everything that they do or say. These leaderships are free to change their minds on practically anything when a better opportunity to deceive and to lie presented them, and this makes them even more difficult to bring their actions into a coherent whole.

There is only one word to explain clearly and objectively the tactics of these leaderships, it is simply demagoguery. That is best explained as a political argument that is constructed on half truths, straw men and logical fallacies. Actually H. L. Mencken, the American author might have said it best when he explained that “a demagogue is one who preaches doctrines that he knows to be untrue to (men) he knows to be idiots”. These errant politicians who pulverized and brought our country to economic doldrums and poverty for their personal gains have been emboldened of doing what they are accustomed to do as the people are gripped in fear and do not charge forward. Maybe, rather than tuck their selfish heads in sand like ostriches, but rather the people will just take everything until they get worn out and take no more.

But when a crucial point is reached, our country God forbids could soon be controlled by lynch mob—groups of people go and attack Malls, stores, and groceries-- get everything they can, killing anybody who stand their way; rich people will be thrown with rocks in their cars or in their homes and hanged; the establishments are closed for fear of being ransacked; the streets are empty with people for fear of being mauled and killed; and the police and the armies are confused and in quandary as the attacks are executed sporadically in simultaneous fashion. This had happened already in post-Civil War Southern American society. The result will be a dog eat dog nation and millions of Filipinos will die. The political leaders who caused the disaster will be fine as they have plenty of money ready in their cash bolts, and all they have to do is to go out the country at the first sign of the fracas.

We do not want that to happen. This is our country, our forefathers had established it through tears, sweat and blood, and we cannot afford to fail them. It is the duty and the obligation of all those of good will to attempt to save this government and that starts with unity and to vote based on what we truly believe to be the "wisest" choice, and not based on looks, idolization and adoration. Let’s stop all the bickering and the blaming. Let’s find good leaders that will not seek short term solutions by papering over seminal and major fault lines.

To borrow the phrases of Qabbani, 67, the highest spiritual authority within the Muslim Sunni community: "If we realize that our strength is in our unity, then why divide?" "If we are aware that the loss of the nation is everybody's loss, then why work on losing it?" We now condition ourselves that the crisis in front of us need not be feared as we have already run out of fear anyway. All that we have as our last line of defense is none other than COURAGE and SELF-ESTEEM though hell may bar the way. We must now think this way: We in the world often need a crisis and a major one for that matter, in order to question and reevaluate the current conditions that have given birth to the present sad state of affairs. In other words, crisis in any field or any country could act as a mechanism to husband resources and seek a meaningful solution to the problem at hand. This has been proven since ancient times up to the present. Thus, this phrase came into existence because of this paradoxical phenomenon: “Necessity is the mother of invention”.

Yes the current crisis could, in theory, force us all to come together and find an accommodation that would benefit everyone. Eventually, from the opposing phenomena: the problem and the solution, will surface a new formula where both will find each other like a screw thread nut fitted into a bolt. Then we will witness how history unfolds.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This space has often discussed the kind of government in the Philippines we have been witnessing and experiencing ever since from the Marcos regime up to the present. I have lamented the fact that the traditional political leaders had shown and will continue on and on to ignore the crisis situation which is now stratospheric as if like a bubble about to burst. The Filipino citizens do not seem to have a deep understanding of the root cause of the crisis and so they have in essence shunned ever since their responsibilities in choosing their political leaders. For me, we have to choose our leaders not on the basis of our personal feelings but rather, it should be what we truly believe to be the "wisest" choice. The masses often voted for someone whose looks they idolize and admire, instead of the greatness of his vision, his views on the issues of the day, and what he stood for.

With such slanted way in choosing our leaders, our people, particularly the masses, which constitute the bulk of our country, that resoundingly pushed said politicians to victory did not see the dangers which had been the root cause of the prevalence of corruption committed by these politicians. We have to understand that in a democracy, everyone as a whole must participate actively to make our government work toward progress in order to achieve the goals that are reflective of the sentiments and aspirations of the people. With a society that is "tossed to and fro as the waves on the ocean", that whatever and whoever is idolized and adored, or because it so happens he or she is the flavor sundae will be the gage in choosing our leader, then, our country becomes disturbingly easy to degenerate into something called a lynch mob. Does no one know what kind of country we have now and will soon become if we will not come to our right senses?

We have to stop the vicious cycle which has become a pattern and had formed as stronghold in our system in choosing our political leaders. “Gone are the days when we judged who the next political leaders of our country will be by means of popularity, power and money. Let’s choose them on the basis of the totality of their lives and not the pattern of their words. We should prefer an honest and righteous candidate than TV politicians whose faces are all over TV screens spending millions of pesos in political ads. Those trying to get the support of the masses by showing all their nice behavior to woo their friendships through skilled persuasion; using hypnotic rapport by saying: follow me on my exciting journey as I take YOU along in manifesting our Dreams & Desires. Persuading and captivating them by a wisp-of-straw friendliness as they bolstered it with a glutton of promises, implanting those kinds of thoughts about their welfare and security. Who is like a preacher whose every word is god, god, god, and whose every deed is foul, foul, foul”.

What is required is that each and every one of us must have the ability to know the principles of right living, of good conduct, and what is best for everyone. In that sense; each individual would know his proper place and does not go over or under steps his bounds. By knowing this principle, we will be able to choose the right leader whose concern and love is with humanity more than personal gain. With this knowledge based on the said principle, we can keep a natural balance, and the equilibrium is maintained. “When each person conformed to his or her appropriate roles and discharged responsibilities correctly, virtue and harmony would prevail in the family, community, and state. Even the smallest act in life was seen as a rife which needed to be carried out with care in the established way and with a sense of proper ceremony.”

That deep rooted failure by the Filipino people in choosing the right leader is the major reason why these traditional politicians continue at committing corruption--laughing all the way to the bank because the people do not seem to care, or at least do not do something about it. For me, what has prevented the bubble from being calamitous is only because the people have still something to eat even how scarce and non-nutritious depending on what they can only afford with their low income; and this is the only thin thread that keeps the government hang in the balance. Thus, it is keeping precariously on a 24/7 close watch that it won’t falter.

This cycle of election, followed by the assumption of new political leaders, then, later, the worsening crisis we felt in our country due to corruptions, then rallies and demonstrations, then the rumors of coup d’ėtat, must be broken—or our nation will always be haunted by this vicious cycle of political leaders who keep coming and swarming like a plague of locusts taking turns at devouring and darkening our nation.

As the Irish saying goes, if a rogue deceives me once, shame on him. If he deceives me twice, shame on me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In this kind of government that we have in the Philippines, we are ready to get rid of our individual self either by submission to new forms of authority or by a compulsive conforming to accepted patterns. From there it is a slippery slope to simply knuckling under, getting on with life, doing whatever our 'benign' leaders want, or simply letting them get on with whatever it is they do; whether it be looking the other away, or better still, bestirred to ride, as it were, on their coattails of their corrupt practices and more looting of public funds, and/or pulverizing yet some more of our already impoverished and devastated nation.

It is a selfish notion that seems to accord with Darwinian evolution, with its dictate of 'survival of the fittest'. It seems to imply that 'might is right'. So it is either you follow blindly those who are in power, or see yourself enduring with empty stomach and be very sorry with your situation. The deal here is that you submit to all their wishes, judgments and governance and remain quiet, obedient and loyal. If you should step out of bounds, you will be earmarked as destabilizer for progress. The implicit bargain would be you will be out of trouble even if trouble troubles you. The `Powers that be’ have the money, they got their weapons, they have the law, they got the judge’s on their side. With that, who would have the courage to face them head-on unless you are a suicide bomber of the al Queda. Thus, if you want to survive and maintain your pampered life-styles, you stay the fittest.

Obviously, one important aspect of fighting corruption is enforcement of the law, and actual punishment for the individuals involved. How well – and how even handedly – the Philippine government is doing at enforcing the country’s laws and holding both leadership and individuals accountable? The likelihood of the government to enforce the law and punish the perpetrators is very low because most, if not all of them, are the ones doing it. That is why they always get away with such transgressions and flouting the country’s laws. Corruption in most countries is not easy to spot. Well, in the Philippines, it is very simply done—it is just an ordinary conversation anywhere they want unconcerned even in public view.

Think of the economy. Corruption is strongly tied to negative investment rates. Most of you would agree that one of the biggest problems facing businesses today is the lack of investment capital. IMF data shows that the investment rate in corrupt countries is almost five percent less than in relatively corruption-free countries. This is an important figure in countries like the Philippines, which seek foreign direct investment.

Once corruption is associated with a certain person, company, government, or country, it is difficult to shed the stigma. Would you invest in a company or a country that is rumored or known to be corrupt? Would you knowingly associate yourself with a person tainted by corruption? If I were a businessman, I would not and I suspect you would not. Protecting our investment is too important to risk.

Still inclined to support its agenda to extend its sphere of activity? If so, we deserve all we get. Time and again, most of the political leaders both from the administration and opposition did not do anything but kept supporting this government either directly or indirectly, while it sucked at the public teat. If the government had not taken their advice against the prevalence of corruption, why were they not principled enough, this paragon of the green virtues, to resign en masse? When they sneer now that this government is a world leader in hollow rhetoric and accuse it of hypocrisy, do they not see the irony of that?

I have very high regard and sympathy with very few honest people who made attempts to expose massive corruption in the government and now facing fabricated charges. But this government is ostentatiously in control throughout, claiming the right to intrude into the minutiae of our lives and to wag the finger of righteousness in our faces. The fact is that the leadership’s response to their corruption issue was to intimidate and smear honest people seeking the truth and then to cover up. If they did not know they were behaving badly, they would never have tried to conceal it.

As a rule of thumb, I never trust anyone in the government hierarchy who mention their doctorates, and British or American accent in their English speaking. They are usually on the make and/or trying to command a respect they know they don't deserve.

These people in power are no better than models of mediocrity who protect their kind even how grave the corruption offense they have committed, but will not hesitate to trash honest but lowly ordinary public officials who are not their minions for comparatively minor "sleaze" of which they knew and could have been expected to know nothing. Indeed, as they treated themselves as one family, family feelings are designed to help their genes replicate themselves. You can read between the lives of these people as to how they are so at ease and comfortable in committing corruption that it has now become a habit for them to do. Surely, only someone with an ingrained, unthinking habit of doing so could have allowed himself to do something so disgusting. Their frame of mind is that they only consider as in accordance with law and justice whatever favors and benefits them and as contrary to law and justice whatever does not accord with their views.

SIRS and MADAMES: you live in utmost luxuries and satiation while the stomachs of the people whom you sworn to serve and protect are empty and are wrapped up with all kinds of sufferings and insecurities. They are in tears because of you whose hearts are burned as with a heated iron. You will fall down, whether you like it or not. What kind of legacy would you leave to the Filipino people, your constituents and your family? Here is a poem for you:


Are you proud for what you have?

They’re the result of what you stole and robbed.

The Filipinos were disillusioned with what you did,

that left them practically nothing to eat. So, many had

painfully suffered and now they are done and gone that

in their deaths their eyes are open in hunger and thirst,

oh god this isn’t fair. Your heart does not bleed, and your

conscience smeared with greed. You have been too hard

and you have the worse habitual traits any person can possibly

have. But the money you love, and the wealth you crave they won’t

save you and you leave this planet earth with a multitude of mistakes.

Your fate will inevitably meet you as you

fall and you will have to regret and be enveloped

with fear and despair. You will finally believe what

you had always known that sorrows and regrets always

come after and it’s too late. You will have to blame yourself

why you did not heed the warning that your conscience

had dictated that you better make more use of the analogous

thinking based on an extension of the Golden Rule. Now you have

no right to be sorry for yourself for a misfortune that strikes everyone.

When judgment comes, it is time you ask

where your friends are, your families, and the power

you wield with the arrogance and the pride you displayed?

They are all gone and none that you could find, leaving you

alone forsaken and totally abandoned. Had you only listened

to the moaning and cries of the Filipino people, had you been

so fair and clear, knew when to share and how to care you could

have been saved from the eternal flame called hell. It’s now too late

to fix everything that they did wrong who made their country crumble.

When a government like ours

establishes criminals-by-right

and looters-by-law, who use

power to seize the wealth of

the Filipinos, then money

becomes its creator’s fantasy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Money is incredibly important because aside from the fact that it is necessary for you and your family to survive, it implies having all the basic or extravagant comforts necessary to live life. It will take you wherever you wish. It will give you the means for the satisfaction of everything you desire. However, money is the scourge of the men who attempt to reverse the law of causality, the men who seek to replace the mind by seizing the products of the mind.

I do not envy the man who has wealth. His wealth is his and I would have done no better with it. What I jeer about is when the man sells his soul for a nickel, when he makes a mockery of his values as when the source of his wealth is corrupt, fraudulent, by pandering to men’s vices or men’s stupidity, by catering to fools, in the hope of getting more than his ability deserves, by lowering his standards, by doing acts of criminalities he despised for purchasers he scorned.

In that case, then your money will not give you a moment’s or a penny’s worth of joy. Then all the things you buy will become, not a tribute to you, but a reproach; not an achievement, but a reminder of shame. Then that is where money is destructive. Destructive, because it would not pinch-hit for your self-respect. Destructive because it would not let you enjoy your depravity, therefore, you have damned your own existence.

People have never been surprised to find that many irresponsible, delinquent, drug-addicted, or otherwise troubled children have been raised from rich parents whose wealth came from fraudulent source. This relationship between the "sick" home and the "sick" child has been known for centuries. It is entirely reasonable to expect, and repeated experience has confirmed, that children feed and raised with stolen money by parents who are morally defective, scoundrel, indolent, irresponsible, incompetent, or criminal should turn "bad." ("Like father, like son.")

We may infer safely that in such families the parents set a poor example, failed to teach proper ethical standards and paid insufficient attention to the child's physical and emotional needs due to deceitfully misplaced ambition. We may even suspect that such parents did not really want or love their children. Common sense tells us that "problem children" should arise within such a family context. This has occurred so regularly throughout the period of man's recorded history that it has become part of our folklore. Numerous novels and stage plays center around a prominent person whose son becomes the town's ne'er-do-well or the socialites' daughter who becomes the town harlot.

Whoever you are who fits out the description here and who thought you are honest because you have not been caught, don’t take great pride of your false belief as a smart alec. You still have your children and grandchildren, who will carry the weight of your depravity, and they will be the ones, individually, who will reap what you sow. If you will not believe this, then, you don’t really care about your children and you will be cursed by them. Don’t you see they are already showing signs of becoming like you—-a politician? They will also buy votes to win the election, and then use their political position to amass enormous wealth like you by corruption. This time, they will not be able to escape but will surely be handcuffed. That is what is called TRADITION. This pattern is what has been spread over them by your `memes’ and transmitted unfailingly to your descendants.

“The Children cannot walk away from getting their father’s horrible past thrown in their faces. It’s a life time sentence for them. They are doomed to continue the cycle of untrustworthiness that so many go by. It's really a shame, and the stigma is attached to the children who suffer the after effects by force of circumstances.” ( –posted August 20, 2009.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Experience is the only source of knowledge. We have experienced how our Philippine government has been marred by all kinds of scandals all throughout as far as our memory serve us— from shady deals and fraudulent contracts, smugglings of foreign cars, crude oil, rice, meat, chicken, human, cigarettes, unlimited spending with people’s money, and other shenanigans, you name it, and we have it.

Our political leaders ever since I reached the age of reason up to now, the moment they are sweep to power, they unusually and quickly retreat from their promises, their threats suddenly become empty, and the enthusiasm they showed to give everybody better living turns into betrayal. They had been and until now failed us for a long time— they smear failures, glibbing a lie and lies enough to play the fool like a host of faults. They are the faces who thought they can fool all the people all the time, officious, vicious and suspicious, and as useless as a mongo to a drongo. Heartless leaders who stand outside discipline and false values that the experts subordinate judgment to toe the line. They are the people who used their government positions to amass tremendous wealth at the expense of the weak whom they sworn to serve and protect. But we do not give up anything, and when we do, things will give us up too.

We had rebuffed different foreign dominations—Spain, Americans, and Japanese. We have weathered the storm despite all their advantages in all kinds of everything. Our offspring is now the product of evolving genes over the course of many generations from different foreigners who once upon a time controlled and/or visited the Philippines. Therefore, a superior breed with inheritable traits that will stand out in countless ways. With that, and coupled with the fact that we had reflected on our mistakes in choosing our leaders and we find wisdom in our experiences, we are the best of the noughties.

During this period of great national exhaustion and severe austerity in our country, the Philippines, the mere act of launching upon so glorious, so fateful an enterprise, will, of necessity, create at this propitious hour the receptivity which will enable a swiftly marching, stout-hearted, virile citizens now standing on the brink of blow out, to attract a fresh measure of celestial potency adequate to our growing needs. This whole lot ardour to liberate the citizens when in dome, even under such adverse circumstances, cannot but augur well for our success as a turning point infinitely more meritorious, of far greater promise, and endowed with vastly superior spiritual potentialities.

We the citizens of this nation, laden with the test of the times must again summoned to brace ourselves for another exertion, so fate-laden in its consequences, stands too near the structure we are now rearing to visualise the dimensions of our task, appraise our values, and appreciate our future glory. Alive in our inherent capacity, conscious of our high responsibility, aware of the sacredness of our mission, emboldened by our sacred exploits, trusting fully in that reinforcing Power that guided and sustained us unfailingly in the past.

We can do no better than to gird up afresh our loins, turn our backs upon the clamour of the age, our fears, confusion and strife, step resolutely forward on our chosen path, unshakably confident that with every step we take, should it remained undeflected in our purpose and undimmed in our vision, a fresh outpouring of Divine grace will reinforce and guide our march on the highroad of our destiny.

The unavoidable truth is that our political leaders must abide by the Law and stop their altruism by stating oxymorons, or the Citizens who have been jeering at their big mouths, big egos, and big troubles will have the last word in setting things “right.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The opening words of the Preamble of the Philippine Constitution are, “We, the sovereign Filipino people…” What do these words signify? These words mean that the ultimate authority of the government emanates from the people in whom sovereignty resides. People exercise authority through the representatives elected by them. These representatives conduct the functions of the government in accordance with the wishes of the people. The essence of government itself was to provide security and welfare for its citizenry-- to make life easy for the people and ensure that they were adequately protected and provided with good things of life.

But it was indeed paradoxical that the vast majority of the populace was unable to afford even the basic necessities of life, which are food, water and shelter. The irony is that the public officials holding the reigns of government are living in utmost luxuries—owning several expensive cars, hopping from one mansion to another, from condominium to condominium whichever pleases them at any moment, spending money left and right in classy hotels and restaurants toasting champagnes here and abroad. A grossly-out feeling when you think they are wasting people’s money. Indeed, when it comes to power excesses in government, the public officials are free to do as they please, and they usually emulate each other.

They have everything in their finger tips while the people have nothing even in their thoughts. The 80% of the Philippine population of 80 million are living in marginalized poverty that don't eat at all, or can't eat as often. Homes are constructed of impermanent materials and have neither piped water nor sanitation. The combination of malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, underemployment and low income closes off the avenues of escape.

To the Honourables, your true vile colors only profess as millionaires by means of thievery and try to look better by stepping on people who are paying you and whom you sworn to serve and protect. Maybe you should focus on the good and kindness to all your victims who are suffering because of your insatiable greed. If you think the idea that it's okay to intentionally and illegally abuse, be cruel, pitiless, and take pleasure in the misfortune of others, you better think again. So, though you cannot be turned back now from your unbridled desires, yet, when your iniquity will be at the fall, fate will meet with you.

In the game of life, you throw the boomerang daily, in the form of actions and behaviors that you send out into the world, and that will return to you at some later date — often multiplied on the rebound. You’ll never know where the return will be coming from — or when it will arrive — but it always comes. You will be cursed at by all and given no chance to explain yourself whatsoever. And the most troubling is that when it rains it pours and not only you will get soaked but also the ones you are always together with. It’s your choice to believe or not but nobody is going to hit as hard as life. Those who will not listen will have to face the inevitable and it will be too late for amends but only regret. If you want to go to hell, you continue with what you are doing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


There is a great and peculiar charm about Philippine politics especially everybody is seeing different personalities stumping the country to seek political position of their choice in the 2010 elections. Such is a gravamen of indecorum as the formal election campaign is still far away. Our old public functionary is a great deal too squeamish. Nevertheless, reading news-scraps on a subject which concerns our country’s future, that no political office is guaranteed anyone through birthright or pedigree, and where the position of the president is up for grabs —there is that charm that always goes with the mysterious and the uncertain. You can never be absolutely sure with the outcome of anything in such circumstances; you are chasing an alert and gamy riddle all the time, and the baffling turns and dodges of the prey make the life of the hunt.

Deciding immediately who you vote would spoil it. Praises and criticisms for or against all the possible candidates will cast a veil of dreamy and golden uncertainty over them, and leave steeped in a haunting and adorable mystery an incident which had been vulgar and commonplace but for that benefaction. Would you be wise to draw a conclusion out of those innuendos? Or, would you be properly grateful they had popped out? My sympathy can only be extended for those who were personally scorned. There is no suffering comparable with that which a person feels when he is pilloried in media. The heat of the election fever is still looming and it’s too soon their Eureka moment spatters. They should never lose their "faculty stripes."

We have been careless in choosing our political leaders, and the continued economic plunge in our country speaks for itself. It’s imperative to grab attention and to encourage creative discussion so I embarked into this topic in all earnestness, because our country has been pummeled, continuously, by forces that are leading progressively to its degradation. The electorate is supposed to control the government through its elected representatives, but these elected officials have taken control of the power and now control the people.

Our country is fond of artificial aristocracy founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents... The artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in government. This time we shall always show irreverence for royalties and titled creatures born into privilege, and all that class which take their title from anything but merit. Now is the time we should look ahead and not behind, we should welcome new ideas without rigid reactions, we should look for someone who cares about the welfare of the people -- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their political rights, and their civil liberties -- someone who has stood before the gates of all the storms of sufferings and who has realized that he could never want to be as certain about anything as were the people of our nation.

Gone are the days when we judged who the next political leaders of our country will be by means of popularity, power and money. Let’s choose them on the basis of the totality of their lives and not the pattern of their words. We should prefer an honest and righteous candidate than a TV politician who is like a preacher whose every word is God, God, God, and whose every deed is foul, foul, foul. "It does not require many words to speak the truth."“You can bend it and twist it, You can misuse and abuse it, but even God cannot change the Truth.”

A well-package web of lies had raked the whole country and the result had been that we are daily overfed and suffer a surfeit. By habit we stow this much every day, but we come by and by to take no vital interest in it -- indeed, we almost get tired of it. Until we give up and resign we can expect a change against all kinds of fraud that is taking shape in our country. Then, our intellectual curiosity - our appetite or desire for real news, sadly, no longer seem important to us. Opinion - especially coming from pundits - seems to be more important today. We just laugh when another scandal of fraud against the political leaders and it is quite embarrassing to hear how these leaders’ attempts to make us believe the brainwashing they regurgitate. We aren’t to take anything anymore. We sighed into exasperation why, when you come to think of it, who cares what becomes of those people? And to our mind, one relative or neighbor mixed up in a scandal is more interesting than a whole Sodom and Gomorrah of outlanders gone rotten. It’s much better we will just take care of ourselves and solve our own problems.

Let us recognize and distinguish who are the brilliant candidates that could put us on to progress, or the imbeciles who have all the tendencies to lead us to degradation and who are really capable of doing it. "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Shrewd politicians will invent cheap lies, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently follow them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the sufferings of our country is unavoidable, and will seek refuge to God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.

We are now personally acquainted with hundreds of journalists, and the opinion of the majority of them on how they build up candidates would not be worth tuppence, but when they speak in print it is the newspaper that is talking, the pygmy or scribe is not visible, and then their utterances shake the community like the thunders of prophecy. It has become a sarcastic proverb that a thing must be true if you saw it in a newspaper. That is the opinion intelligent people have of that lying vehicle in a nutshell. But the trouble is that the poor people--who constitute the grand overwhelming majority in our country, do believe and are moulded and convinced by what they get out of a newspaper, and there is where the harm lies.

One step in the wrong direction again will cause us a thousand years of regret. How much miseries will there be? We Filipinos have been in terrible suffering, called the tribulation, for decades because our political leaders, since the time of our forefathers until the present, had been deaf about the CHANGE the Filipino people voted for. They are willing to destroy the ONE PLAN we have to create a solution for their own mysterious, selfish, power-hungry reasons. They seem unconcerned about the country’s economy, suggesting we wait for better solutions. They are spewing lies, muddying the waters, and playing the WORST POLITICS imaginable with people's lives and livelihoods.

Until we make a firm stand, then our country is doomed. The economy will begin to spiral down further, and as more jobs are lost the business climate will crumble more. The government will lose its balance and then the worst will happen. The final political bubble will burst. The treasury will lose its ability to raise money and the Philippine economy will CRASH! The IMF and the rest of the world holding over 3 trillion Pesos in Philippine debt will have only one course of action: buy our country piece by piece. Unless we Filipinos change our ways in choosing good political leaders we will surely end up where we are headed. If we cannot reverse the ship of state on its collision course with disaster, then we – the ordinary citizens - are doomed to CRASH! Most of us will suffer, and the middle-class will be destroyed for good. We will be powerless.

The political leaders which caused the disaster will be fine. Remember, the rich always get richer. They'll make their money anyway possible - as they always do - while Filipinos slowly heals over decades from its deep wound. Once crashed, the causable political leaders will probably return to power, and do what they've always wanted to do. The result will be a dog eat dog nation again. Charity will be left to the poverty stricken mass sector, and millions of people will die. Only the strongest will survive. They are trying to return us to that very dark and ugly state, and they may succeed if we can't stop them. They got us to this point by spending us into oblivion, and now they're trying to say we can't be allowed to fix it but them.

I'm sorry to be so negative, but despite our "glass half full" national personality, everything described here is possible. Our only hope is that ordinary Filipinos who happen to be extremely affected by the down turn economy figure it out before it's too late. Our tomorrows will depend on what we do today. You don’t stay the course on a horse that’s going the wrong way!

These political leaders will aspire for an elective position of their choice in 2010 Elections. It runs on very strong and easy-to-find fuel - greed, money and power. They will do their best to lie, cheat and steal until we stop them. They will also continue to soak us in their own crap. When you think about it, it's the only way they can live with themselves. So, they and their ilk will continue to run amok unless we can stop them. We need to fight hard to shut down their access to greed, money and power. Slowing access to the fuel that feeds is always a good solution.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


In this period of great distress we have to take note at this moment that the disease of our country is the ungracious attitude of both the appointive and elective high ranking public officials. Our country is in the condition of a human body in a state of suspended animation—the heart still beats—the principle of vitality is unextinguished—but the active functions of life are suspended. We the people is the government and we must breathe the breath of confidence into it that it will be at once resuscitated.

This is an urgent call that the people is placed and should be the pressing and paramount object to which the attention of every patriotic citizen ought to be directed. Government officials are paid by the people obtained through taxes which in a practical sense, as additional premium of whatever is worn, drank or eaten. The people do not pay these public officials to use their position to commit corruption, oppression, money laundering, over-spending of public funds, exploitation for personal gain, etc.

This is a state of things which the people do not wish to see perpetuated. It is contrary to the genius and fundamental principles of our Republican system. Of all schemes of policy we can conceive, that which proposes a permanent distinction between the public officials and the people in their pecuniary interests—one acting like a King, and the other, the people treated without any respect as if a slave—such a system of discrimination is, to our mind, of all others, the most injurious and revolting in principle, the most heartless in character, and the most despotic in its tendencies.

It is like quartering the public officials as Lords in a pedestal on the heart of our country possessing a large sum of money lying idle in their hands as they suffocate the people with all that crisis of suffering and alarm only they had created. You-entrench it behind a frowning fortification—surround it with battlements, and lay the country, far and near, under contribution for the support of this garrison of office-holders. Desolation and oppression are without, while the tenants of the citadel are reveling in luxury and profusion within.

We are not willing, for one, to see the government which we formed and established placed in this anti-social, if not belligerent, attitude towards the sovereign people. We are not willing that these abusive public officials should exhibit such a spectacle of inequality and oppression on us, their master, and they, the servants, not the other way around as their corrupted and sin-blinded minds are leading us to confusion. It is about time we anchor their tragic souls firmly in their right places. We are afraid to make them mad so we temper our words by calling these blatant liars nice polite things as Honourables. This time the people must assert and insist for these abusive public officials to cease and desist, effective immediately, from committing acts and assuming powers outside the mandate of the law.

It actually has deep-rooted sociological underpinnings that many public officials lust for power because it is the passport to the land flowing with milk and honey; that whatever they desire, all that is needed is just say the magic word “open sesame” and all the earthly comfort and riches will be spreading abundantly in an instant over them. That is why; they cannot see their life without it.

They must cling to it though hell should bar the way. They have begun this way so they must never try to live any other way. They bow and vow to bind themselves together for life and death that everything in turquoise green, greener than the deepest sea they had widely scooped over time, manifesting their bestial taste, must never fly away.

Since we do not resist, the urge of these public officials to abuse power had reduced us into hobbists and the ability to resist becomes exceedingly difficult. We are only waiting for this moment to arrive, it’s now or never that we must rely and count on ourselves to stand up and assert our sovereignty. They got their weapons, they have the law, they got the judge’s on their side, but we got the might and we are right.

And as the light of dawn always comes right after the deepest darkness, one glorious day we will reign and get back everything they got. Until we steer our destiny with glory to save ourselves, these senseless glutton will continue to imprison us, destroying anyone who speaks against their ambitions.

Circumstances showing default of public service by these public officials are in publications- they steal, they lie, they break our will, sold and trampled our rights and freedom, and they manipulate us like a bull, attaching an emotional nose ring on us through fear so they can easily lead us around-- exploit us with the pretext of duty; and he who does not take them into consideration is not erroneous, but mad, metaphysically mad. A concerned citizen, never losing sight of principles, is to be guided by circumstances; and judging contrary to the exigencies of the moment, may ruin his country for ever.

Whether we are not, in time, to have here a swarm of official locusts yet, that will bear a corresponding proportion that could eventually darken and devour our nation, may depend upon the action taken now and then. This sentiment being expressed is but the grain of mustard seed, the least of all seeds, but when it is grown, it will be a large tree, overspreading the land with its boughs, so that the fowls of the air, the birds of prey, will come and lodge in the branches thereof.

We and our families deserve a great life. This may be the time to take action and do something for our future by taking either baby steps or giant steps. But no matter what size steps we take, the important thing is to perspicaciously start taking action. Nothing happens until something moves. Let’s made up our minds, that if it was to be, it was up for us to see. A system that promotes leaders quickly as necessary and destroys leaders who retain power for power's sake is what I want.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It is our collective resolve and beliefs that as responsible leaders we will only have the moral authority to scrutinize and perform oversight over public life, public service and public officers, if we ourselves are to live by good examples. Thus, gone are the days of impunity for misconduct of Honourable high ranking Public Officials, but equally gone are the days of humiliation and disrespect by the people for them. We shall set the standards for ourselves and we shall be fully self-regulatory. As the saying goes, high ranking public officials must first of all respect themselves and others as well if they expect other people to respect them. There shall be no sacred cows and no body is above the law. The dignity, integrity and reputation of the Honourable high ranking Public Officials must be upheld first by its incumbents, if they expect others to respect them."

The people can only gape in amazement if a high ranking public official would have the boldness and confidence to violate any law with the fantasy of invulnerability. It always keeps everyone puzzled and in limbo with no end. This is indeed a phenomenon more fitted to Ripley’s Believe it or not as public officials cannot be over and above the sovereign people in the same manner that the spring cannot rise above its source.”

Public officials are paid by the people through the taxes taken on top of everything they spent and gained from the transactions they enter into. In return, the sovereign people expect the public officials to be moral exemplars rather than be conceited and arrogant thinking he is now superior and entitled to look down on others. If they lack these qualities such as integrity, justice, benevolence, and fidelity they should resign and be a hero for doing it for our country. But they always shamelessly cling to their positions like a lizard cling cling to the ceiling, stick close to the side of heaven so the angels and saints will protect them. Once they lose their grip they knew they are gone with the wind and end up gathering camote in the mountains for they cannot stand on their own two feet.

Violating the law with impunity shows high ranking public official’s capability of rising to a level of one who thought he possesses the omnipotent power to do what he wills without regard to the rule of law. All the people would be well-served to take notice who are these abusive public officials before it is too late because how these kinds of public officials have been wielding their powers certainly and absolutely constitute the most dangerous and audacious attack to the cardinal principle of public office as a public trust under the Constitution.

If these public officials would not be tamed or stopped from what they are doing with their powers, then what good are any other freedoms that we enjoy under the Constitution? What good are the Laws and jurisprudence established by the Supreme Court? Do they not all effectively become dead letters? If these public officials have the omnipotent power to do what they want whatever it takes and no matter what it costs, to the extent of ignoring and violating all laws under the statute books, what person would feel safe under this government.

This is the ultimate reason this topic is broach as a window into transparent injustice and one person's true-life determination to search for a better path, despite the scorn of the society around him. This is driving a wedge between the people and the government, since it is sowing the seeds of discord. Such method of display of arrogance and invulnerability out of control applied by these public officials keep everybody all in fear, if not fighting each other. The kind of untamed minds that they have would only open chaos to reign everywhere.

The chain of events attributing to the acts of these public officials are absolutely and inexorably the pinnacle of injustice and would have no other logical conclusion, that they are acting unfairly, with malice, in bad faith, contrary to morals, good customs or public policy, and were oppressive no more, no less, to the people; they are ridiculously over the top in violating all laws of this country. Undoubtedly their acts can set back fight against corruption.

There is no way – none – to reconcile the assumption of this power with a free society. In fact, it is the most powerful public officials’ power of all – the omnipotence in wielding power that can ever be exercised by a tyrannical government. No infringement on economic liberty – hyperinflation, confiscatory taxation, oppressive regulation, or the like – can compare in significance with the omnipotent power of the public officials to arbitrarily disregard the Constitution and the laws of the land at will beyond the bounds of reason.

As long as these public officials are permitted to stand against the principle which denies government officials exceptional position before the law, there is no possibility for anyone to be considered a free people. A necessary prerequisite for restoring freedom to our land is for the government to stick to the principles of decency and fair play as they are understood by a common man’s sense, by universal conscience. The idea of double standard which abide by the maxim that “The King can do no wrong” would create havocked that would need hundreds or thousands of volumes to record them. It is the antithesis of the golden rule.

Justice and Equity demand that the wrong should be righted and injustices should not be made to prevail just because it is committed by high ranking public officials, including the loftiest. We use the Constitution to define the meaning of our own existence as a nation; that people come from many backgrounds, from many areas and places, but in large part they define themselves as being one people because of the Constitution.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


  We all strive to make a living in life whatever they may
be. We work hard, really hard but we can hardly get by,
living paycheck to paycheck. Despite how novel that
endeavor might be, taking up the bulk of our time and
effort, but we seem could not bring the endeavor to
fruition. We always wanted to live a comfortable life but
no matter what job we find, we could never get anywhere
close to making enough money to live the life we have
always yearned for. We felt discouraged not being able to
provide our family the life we always wanted to give them.
  Your whole life consists of relationships and your
success ultimately hinges on collaboration with others. The
one that can make you reach your goal that are vital to
your future and the wellness of your family is your rapport
with the public in general. Your ideas, your efforts and
hard work, no matter how you get yourself ready, then aim,
and fire, all will be put in futility and in vain if it
will not click to the masses. Study shows that if someone
likes you, they will be more willing to help you, listen to
you and do things for you than if they didn’t like you.
Likability is the absolute crucial factor in becoming

But the irony of it all is that when a person who started from the scratch was still trying to get the support of the masses, he showed them all the nice behavior to woo their friendships through skilled persuasion. Using hypnotic rapport by saying: follow me on my exciting journey as I take YOU along in manifesting our Dreams & Desires. Usually, because the masses can easily be swayed and captivated even by a wisp-of-straw friendliness, then bolstered with a glutton of promises, especially, implanting those kinds of thoughts about their welfare and security, he would be resoundingly pushed over the top from zero to hero by the masses.

But as soon as he got what he wanted with all the riches and fame, the lives of the masses is thrown by the wayside. Is that what you’re going to do for people who have helped you get where you are now? As they say, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man”.

Before, he knows where the masses were around like meat and drink; and that the masses are like diamonds that last forever in his heart. But after he crosses the hard road of make-believe to win their compassion and mercy, the masses cannot even get near him, no one can touch him. It’s about time people cultivate wisdom from their experiences of the past and be an enlightened adept against those skilled in the principles of persuasion. It’s been said: “It is a universal rule that there is no need to need after the need has been satisfied”.

The changing of sunlight to moonlight

all our sorrows, sad tomorrows

are the reflections of life

how they filled our lives

it’s time to be wise

the paradoxes of life are the

lessons by which to confront our

abject mistakes head-on.

Let it be said, all that we knew, all that we have possessed and loved all our lives will be left behind when we leave this physical world and if you had helped the people in one way or the other, you will always be loved and appreciated for all that you did to help them. The sun would be quite kind for people you may have left behind but it’s the people like you that the sun is kept turned on.

When you will not be around anymore, the people you had helped will put it in words how wonderful life had been while you were in the world. The love and appreciation they had on you will be expressed and showered to all like the transmitter of the energies or powers that the electric current is carried not only in but also over and around the wired world. We may picture your legacy as--

A wave on the ocean arising from the water and form a line of countless other waves as they move in unison crisscrossing from a million different centers of energy and traveling in longitudinal strip in rhyme and rhythm laden with emotional aura as they roll down to the shoreline in wonderful marvel then splashing and crashing one after another endlessly repeating the sound as if dancing to the tempo of gratefulness and unitization.

So, let us think about this deeply and down to earth. Shall I leave a good or bad legacy? We tremble to look at our earthly possessions, lest we should see them in motion, spreading their wings to fly away! How many are there already who, in talking of their comfort are obliged to go back in their reckoning.

So, nothing here on earth is permanent. Everything is perishable. Even “the towering diadem of Caesar has fallen from his head and crumbled into dust; and that kingdom whose scepter once swayed the world betwixt whose colossal stride all nations were glad to creep to find themselves dishonored graves, is now forgotten, or, if its recollection be preserved, its history is emphatically called “The decline and fall.”

Show some gratitude to everyone. Gratitude is going that extra mile to help all people who needed help whether they had helped you during your time of need or not because it is the support of the general public directly or indirectly that made you achieved your success. You can start small and eventually; those small stones will create a rock-slide!

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