Thursday, September 17, 2009


Experience is the only source of knowledge. We have experienced how our Philippine government has been marred by all kinds of scandals all throughout as far as our memory serve us— from shady deals and fraudulent contracts, smugglings of foreign cars, crude oil, rice, meat, chicken, human, cigarettes, unlimited spending with people’s money, and other shenanigans, you name it, and we have it.

Our political leaders ever since I reached the age of reason up to now, the moment they are sweep to power, they unusually and quickly retreat from their promises, their threats suddenly become empty, and the enthusiasm they showed to give everybody better living turns into betrayal. They had been and until now failed us for a long time— they smear failures, glibbing a lie and lies enough to play the fool like a host of faults. They are the faces who thought they can fool all the people all the time, officious, vicious and suspicious, and as useless as a mongo to a drongo. Heartless leaders who stand outside discipline and false values that the experts subordinate judgment to toe the line. They are the people who used their government positions to amass tremendous wealth at the expense of the weak whom they sworn to serve and protect. But we do not give up anything, and when we do, things will give us up too.

We had rebuffed different foreign dominations—Spain, Americans, and Japanese. We have weathered the storm despite all their advantages in all kinds of everything. Our offspring is now the product of evolving genes over the course of many generations from different foreigners who once upon a time controlled and/or visited the Philippines. Therefore, a superior breed with inheritable traits that will stand out in countless ways. With that, and coupled with the fact that we had reflected on our mistakes in choosing our leaders and we find wisdom in our experiences, we are the best of the noughties.

During this period of great national exhaustion and severe austerity in our country, the Philippines, the mere act of launching upon so glorious, so fateful an enterprise, will, of necessity, create at this propitious hour the receptivity which will enable a swiftly marching, stout-hearted, virile citizens now standing on the brink of blow out, to attract a fresh measure of celestial potency adequate to our growing needs. This whole lot ardour to liberate the citizens when in dome, even under such adverse circumstances, cannot but augur well for our success as a turning point infinitely more meritorious, of far greater promise, and endowed with vastly superior spiritual potentialities.

We the citizens of this nation, laden with the test of the times must again summoned to brace ourselves for another exertion, so fate-laden in its consequences, stands too near the structure we are now rearing to visualise the dimensions of our task, appraise our values, and appreciate our future glory. Alive in our inherent capacity, conscious of our high responsibility, aware of the sacredness of our mission, emboldened by our sacred exploits, trusting fully in that reinforcing Power that guided and sustained us unfailingly in the past.

We can do no better than to gird up afresh our loins, turn our backs upon the clamour of the age, our fears, confusion and strife, step resolutely forward on our chosen path, unshakably confident that with every step we take, should it remained undeflected in our purpose and undimmed in our vision, a fresh outpouring of Divine grace will reinforce and guide our march on the highroad of our destiny.

The unavoidable truth is that our political leaders must abide by the Law and stop their altruism by stating oxymorons, or the Citizens who have been jeering at their big mouths, big egos, and big troubles will have the last word in setting things “right.”

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