Saturday, September 5, 2009


  We all strive to make a living in life whatever they may
be. We work hard, really hard but we can hardly get by,
living paycheck to paycheck. Despite how novel that
endeavor might be, taking up the bulk of our time and
effort, but we seem could not bring the endeavor to
fruition. We always wanted to live a comfortable life but
no matter what job we find, we could never get anywhere
close to making enough money to live the life we have
always yearned for. We felt discouraged not being able to
provide our family the life we always wanted to give them.
  Your whole life consists of relationships and your
success ultimately hinges on collaboration with others. The
one that can make you reach your goal that are vital to
your future and the wellness of your family is your rapport
with the public in general. Your ideas, your efforts and
hard work, no matter how you get yourself ready, then aim,
and fire, all will be put in futility and in vain if it
will not click to the masses. Study shows that if someone
likes you, they will be more willing to help you, listen to
you and do things for you than if they didn’t like you.
Likability is the absolute crucial factor in becoming

But the irony of it all is that when a person who started from the scratch was still trying to get the support of the masses, he showed them all the nice behavior to woo their friendships through skilled persuasion. Using hypnotic rapport by saying: follow me on my exciting journey as I take YOU along in manifesting our Dreams & Desires. Usually, because the masses can easily be swayed and captivated even by a wisp-of-straw friendliness, then bolstered with a glutton of promises, especially, implanting those kinds of thoughts about their welfare and security, he would be resoundingly pushed over the top from zero to hero by the masses.

But as soon as he got what he wanted with all the riches and fame, the lives of the masses is thrown by the wayside. Is that what you’re going to do for people who have helped you get where you are now? As they say, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man”.

Before, he knows where the masses were around like meat and drink; and that the masses are like diamonds that last forever in his heart. But after he crosses the hard road of make-believe to win their compassion and mercy, the masses cannot even get near him, no one can touch him. It’s about time people cultivate wisdom from their experiences of the past and be an enlightened adept against those skilled in the principles of persuasion. It’s been said: “It is a universal rule that there is no need to need after the need has been satisfied”.

The changing of sunlight to moonlight

all our sorrows, sad tomorrows

are the reflections of life

how they filled our lives

it’s time to be wise

the paradoxes of life are the

lessons by which to confront our

abject mistakes head-on.

Let it be said, all that we knew, all that we have possessed and loved all our lives will be left behind when we leave this physical world and if you had helped the people in one way or the other, you will always be loved and appreciated for all that you did to help them. The sun would be quite kind for people you may have left behind but it’s the people like you that the sun is kept turned on.

When you will not be around anymore, the people you had helped will put it in words how wonderful life had been while you were in the world. The love and appreciation they had on you will be expressed and showered to all like the transmitter of the energies or powers that the electric current is carried not only in but also over and around the wired world. We may picture your legacy as--

A wave on the ocean arising from the water and form a line of countless other waves as they move in unison crisscrossing from a million different centers of energy and traveling in longitudinal strip in rhyme and rhythm laden with emotional aura as they roll down to the shoreline in wonderful marvel then splashing and crashing one after another endlessly repeating the sound as if dancing to the tempo of gratefulness and unitization.

So, let us think about this deeply and down to earth. Shall I leave a good or bad legacy? We tremble to look at our earthly possessions, lest we should see them in motion, spreading their wings to fly away! How many are there already who, in talking of their comfort are obliged to go back in their reckoning.

So, nothing here on earth is permanent. Everything is perishable. Even “the towering diadem of Caesar has fallen from his head and crumbled into dust; and that kingdom whose scepter once swayed the world betwixt whose colossal stride all nations were glad to creep to find themselves dishonored graves, is now forgotten, or, if its recollection be preserved, its history is emphatically called “The decline and fall.”

Show some gratitude to everyone. Gratitude is going that extra mile to help all people who needed help whether they had helped you during your time of need or not because it is the support of the general public directly or indirectly that made you achieved your success. You can start small and eventually; those small stones will create a rock-slide!

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