Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It is our collective resolve and beliefs that as responsible leaders we will only have the moral authority to scrutinize and perform oversight over public life, public service and public officers, if we ourselves are to live by good examples. Thus, gone are the days of impunity for misconduct of Honourable high ranking Public Officials, but equally gone are the days of humiliation and disrespect by the people for them. We shall set the standards for ourselves and we shall be fully self-regulatory. As the saying goes, high ranking public officials must first of all respect themselves and others as well if they expect other people to respect them. There shall be no sacred cows and no body is above the law. The dignity, integrity and reputation of the Honourable high ranking Public Officials must be upheld first by its incumbents, if they expect others to respect them."

The people can only gape in amazement if a high ranking public official would have the boldness and confidence to violate any law with the fantasy of invulnerability. It always keeps everyone puzzled and in limbo with no end. This is indeed a phenomenon more fitted to Ripley’s Believe it or not as public officials cannot be over and above the sovereign people in the same manner that the spring cannot rise above its source.”

Public officials are paid by the people through the taxes taken on top of everything they spent and gained from the transactions they enter into. In return, the sovereign people expect the public officials to be moral exemplars rather than be conceited and arrogant thinking he is now superior and entitled to look down on others. If they lack these qualities such as integrity, justice, benevolence, and fidelity they should resign and be a hero for doing it for our country. But they always shamelessly cling to their positions like a lizard cling cling to the ceiling, stick close to the side of heaven so the angels and saints will protect them. Once they lose their grip they knew they are gone with the wind and end up gathering camote in the mountains for they cannot stand on their own two feet.

Violating the law with impunity shows high ranking public official’s capability of rising to a level of one who thought he possesses the omnipotent power to do what he wills without regard to the rule of law. All the people would be well-served to take notice who are these abusive public officials before it is too late because how these kinds of public officials have been wielding their powers certainly and absolutely constitute the most dangerous and audacious attack to the cardinal principle of public office as a public trust under the Constitution.

If these public officials would not be tamed or stopped from what they are doing with their powers, then what good are any other freedoms that we enjoy under the Constitution? What good are the Laws and jurisprudence established by the Supreme Court? Do they not all effectively become dead letters? If these public officials have the omnipotent power to do what they want whatever it takes and no matter what it costs, to the extent of ignoring and violating all laws under the statute books, what person would feel safe under this government.

This is the ultimate reason this topic is broach as a window into transparent injustice and one person's true-life determination to search for a better path, despite the scorn of the society around him. This is driving a wedge between the people and the government, since it is sowing the seeds of discord. Such method of display of arrogance and invulnerability out of control applied by these public officials keep everybody all in fear, if not fighting each other. The kind of untamed minds that they have would only open chaos to reign everywhere.

The chain of events attributing to the acts of these public officials are absolutely and inexorably the pinnacle of injustice and would have no other logical conclusion, that they are acting unfairly, with malice, in bad faith, contrary to morals, good customs or public policy, and were oppressive no more, no less, to the people; they are ridiculously over the top in violating all laws of this country. Undoubtedly their acts can set back fight against corruption.

There is no way – none – to reconcile the assumption of this power with a free society. In fact, it is the most powerful public officials’ power of all – the omnipotence in wielding power that can ever be exercised by a tyrannical government. No infringement on economic liberty – hyperinflation, confiscatory taxation, oppressive regulation, or the like – can compare in significance with the omnipotent power of the public officials to arbitrarily disregard the Constitution and the laws of the land at will beyond the bounds of reason.

As long as these public officials are permitted to stand against the principle which denies government officials exceptional position before the law, there is no possibility for anyone to be considered a free people. A necessary prerequisite for restoring freedom to our land is for the government to stick to the principles of decency and fair play as they are understood by a common man’s sense, by universal conscience. The idea of double standard which abide by the maxim that “The King can do no wrong” would create havocked that would need hundreds or thousands of volumes to record them. It is the antithesis of the golden rule.

Justice and Equity demand that the wrong should be righted and injustices should not be made to prevail just because it is committed by high ranking public officials, including the loftiest. We use the Constitution to define the meaning of our own existence as a nation; that people come from many backgrounds, from many areas and places, but in large part they define themselves as being one people because of the Constitution.

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