Friday, October 2, 2009


The condition of the flood victims are the ugliest of beings. Their girth slumps over their belt, their hairs are in disarray, their eyes are bloodshot, and they hardly move due to sloth. None worries about them. These poor abandoned victims keep living and dying in huge pain, sometimes even wounded and bleeding with hundreds of maggot eating their bodies. Imagine for a while how it feels to be living in excruciating pain, physically, emotionally and psychologically. They are suffering because of the sick mentality of our public officials. Their stupidity is deadly and contagious. IT IS TIME TO OUST OUR DESPOTIC RULERS

Imagine, the government through the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) offered a calamity loan for government employees victims of tropical storm `Ondoy’. But when they came to the GSIS, they were being required to wait in congestion outside of the building for half day with no one telling them what to do; they were required to pay a service fee of 600 pesos; and the maximum loan amount of Php 20 thousand pesos will be deducted the balance of their previous loans. Is this not again foolishness? Our government officials have always been oscillating, if not fickle minded, always moves slowly and in an uncoordinated manner every time important public decision is required. THE HONOURABLE MEN

The government is lost all the time. As its high administrative officials steer through the economic crisis along a perilous, unfamiliar highway, their destination remains unknown. How will they ever find their way back on track? It’s a question many are asking of any number of the government agencies, at a time that calls for clear-eyed thinking. The direct impact of the tropical storm `Ondoy’ and the psychological blow that would ripple through the economy could be far more devastating if the government agency concerned would not get to address their structural issues. THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH

Some critics argue that the government got itself into this mess every time there is a tragic event of national proportion because like all corrupt regime in the world, the administrative officials/bureaucrats suffer from inertia, and the people who run them can become so isolated they don’t know and they don’t care what is happening in their own backyard. They are a bunch of folderols.

Why are these officials so dumb that they are not even using their common sense? So, whether you go to the higher officials or the boss of the bosses, you won’t be able to restore value from any of them within any meaningful timeframe. From that angle, there are lots of hopeless cases. Sooner or later everything will go down cold as clear as day. THE POWERS THAT BE or TPTB

The existing bureaucrats cannot turn their own agency around. The government must bring new ones to man the agency. Pick someone with brains: one willing to take some risks and make some changes. You see, when someone fresh, comes in, there are two advantages. One is that he does not have to waste any time upfront apologizing for how things got so bad. He could immediately start and say: This is the way it is, it’s pretty ugly, and we’ll all pull together to get us out of this ditch. The second thing is that in every organization, no matter how troubled, people may be angry, scared, upset, but there is usually a very deep streak of loyalty to the employer they’ve had for a long time. When a government agency brings in someone new, there’s hope that somehow this new person will change things, so let’s rally behind the new person. Many times, people love their company, and if you can just get them pointed in the right direction, they can do OK. NOW IT CAN BE TOLD WHAT CAUSED THE MASSIVE FLOODS… WE ARE OPPRESSED BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO BE

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