Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It has been shown from various researches on the life of some of the most ruthless dictators, men like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, Mao, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung, and many others, that they have many things in common. They were Megalomania, Psychopathic, Personality cult, Paranoia, disregard for and violation of others rights and intimidation of opponents.

While in Europe and Asia (Stalin, Mao or Kim IL Sung) the dictators were in the pursuit of global dominance, power and prestige and were mostly ideology driven. In the Philippines, our Leaders are driven by ineptitude, greed and corruption.

Dictators usually dominate in countries which are very poor and there are fewer spoils to go around. They told their subjects to tighten their belts while they loosen theirs. The meager revenue collected from taxes goes straight to the dictator who takes a lion’s share and distributes the leftover to the government institutions where his Cabinets/ministers skim it further.

Dictators have an inverted frame of mind, in the sense, that when they are hurting the people, they thought they are healing, when they are destroying their lives, they believe they are building. Rivals are branded as traitors and the destabilizers, or agents of the enemy of the state or the revolution. Opponents are constantly harassed and intimidated. Legislative and judiciary branches of the state are rendered powerless or rubber stamps. The enemy number one is the independent media, opposition parties’ leaders/individuals and those who tell the truth.

When it comes to the appointments and promotions of the key positions in government, dictators handpicked their protégés not because of their brilliance and experience but because of their loyalty to the dictator and they start showering him with praise. In return, these appointees order the masses to hang his pictures everywhere. They compete for his attention like children and they always tell him what they think he likes to hear but not the reality in the country.

Dictator changes the constitution so he can stay in power indefinitely. That is the mental state of dictators and how those who surround him think and manipulate the masses.

'Does that ring a bell with you?" significa más o menos: ¿Te suena?

The difference between this regime and other dictators is that dictators like Stalin and Mao although they condemned thousands to death they contributed the development of their countries. They both took their countries from backward feudal states to nuclear power states. In the Philippines our Leaders oppressed thousands to death and they bankrupt and destroy our Country.

I wonder why the Filipinos are shedding tears when they are being impoverished by these Leaders. But they are the ones who keep on repeating the same mistake all over again and again when it comes to choosing their Leaders: either they sold their votes during elections, or they choose someone whose looks they idolize and admire, instead of the greatness of his vision, his views on the issues of the day, and what he stood for. (See: WHAT WE HAVE IN THE PHILIPPINES ARE POLITICAL LEADERS THAT COULD EVENTUALLY DARKEN AND DEVOUR OUR NATION.)

Today, the game is crystal clear; this regime has tested us and found us impotent. It is time for the Filipinos to draw the line on the sand. If this injustice and tyranny is not stopped today, we will be heading to a costly disaster, one that we have never imagined before. Clearly the current system in our government is not working and the Philippines is descending into oblivion, It is time for a regime change. (See: EVERYTHING DESCRIBED HERE IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN.)

The Philippines at the moment, it so happens, is not an equal place at all. It is divided into oppressor and oppressed. The citizens are the oppressed; the Leaders of this government are the oppressors. The citizens do not fight back out of some abstract moral duty to "do the right thing." They fight because they are facing an enemy who is determined to crush and exterminate them--one who terrorizes, and who would seek to turn their society into a dictatorship through savage political repression. (See: DUE TO OUR LEADERS’ IRRESPONSIBILITY AND LAZINESS….)

If the Leaders continue their suicidal path they will meet a violent end.

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