Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The world is a happening place that it has become impossible for a Leader of a Country, or everyone for that matter, to know everything that needs to be known about all the Current Affairs that rocks the nation at every going moment with every ticker of the clock. Current Affairs are those happenings that have a deep impact over the masses. So, in the final analysis, a Leader has to find the right people for the right problems — and then trust them to take the right actions. If the President of the Republic of the Philippines is surrounding herself with people who are losers, lazy and irresponsible, she will be brought down to their level. (see: DUE TO OUR LEADERS’ IRRESPONSIBILITY AND LAZINESS….).

Predictably, our Country’s Leaders had finally hit the snafu as when through its officials suddenly and devastatingly released waters from the Water Dams without warning which caused widespread flooding and landslides that drowned frightened malleable populace reaching a death toll of more than 337 while 250 perished from landslides. An estimated total damage is at P5.08 billion, including P3.99 billion to agriculture and private property and P1.09 billion to infrastructure. The incident captured all the pathos of the victims’ fate.

Our Country is now smoldering at the edge of chaos, becoming the most despised evil government, and just generally doing what leaders do before their government collapse. Thus, the idiom, “Pride comes before a fall” takes on its full signification when it comes to arrogance of power.

MADAME PRESIDENT, losers mess up your entire mindset and hold you back from success. Look, many of the people surrounding you have been paid only for appearing at their office but are sleeping in their jobs. These people have been with you for at least more than three (3) years already and you still continue to hold on to them. They have already proven they cannot change their poor habits, are you willing to sacrifice the entire population of this Country for a few of them? (See: IT IS THE DUAL ACT OF NATURE AND ACT OF MAN)

The people know that you Madame President have already known for a long time what’s wrong with our government. Now, it is incomprehensible that you still retain the people surrounding you even when instead of helping you they hold you back from steering our country to progress. What is worse, they have already brought you down to their level of corruption with the boldness and confidence to violate any law with the fantasy of invulnerability.

The lack of punishment has become their incentives for corrupt behavior within an institutional framework, creating a kind of vicious circle difficult to break up anymore. They are the kinds of people who make our countrymen miserable. These people are too borne out that the citizens cannot be stirred up anymore to believe that they are good and justifiable by some reasons. In fact, the people have a million of reasons to boot them out. I know, nobody is perfect but I think it's a weakness to let these people who are not only wrong but worse to lead in our government. (See: KEY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TAG AS POSTER CHILDREN OF MORAL IRRESPONSIBILITY…SOCIAL PARIAH.)

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