Saturday, October 10, 2009


Now, the worse scenario of our Country which is in a much greater danger of facing adverse consequences is upon us already. The disaster brought by three (3) typhoons: Ondoy, Peping, Quedan, and then typhoon Peping, which came back and still in the Country, have all caused a disorder that is now one step closer to its tick-- the point at which order gradually gives way to disorder and, eventually, to chaos.

The Mega Cities of Metro Manila remain mostly flooded, the electricity supply is by schedule at alternately six-hour for every area. Resultantly, all businessmen are furious of the situation. The Province of Pangasinan is 90 percent submerged in water, the roads are impassable. For the Province of Pangasinan, ten thousand families with 40,000 individuals in 36 towns are submerging in water. Thirteen Barangays in the Province of Nueva Ecija; seventeen out of twenty-one Barangays in the Province of Tarlac are also submerged in water. The people are trapped in their respective houses with no food, water and medicine. Relief goods cannot reach them. All rice fields were totally destroyed. The intentional release of water from San Roque Dam had combined with the rainfall to cause the worst floods in the memory of many old-timers.

My observation on our country’s cruel experiences about the flood disasters besetting in simultaneous fashion as the flock of doom was a warning that was long overdue. The situation of the Philippines at this very moment is miserably deplorable, and such is the predictable result of the kind of Cabinet members and their respective Under Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries down to their Regional Directors (Usecs, Assecs, RDs) that we are having who are irresponsible and lazy. We have now the untold hardships and problems, the people are forced to endure on a daily basis with no concrete solution in sight. This country, the Philippines, is in for a long night, and only fate knows how many of those deeply affected by the floods would make it when it is morning.

Our taxes paid these government Cabinet officials to take charge of our government in an honest and responsible manner. But they did not. Instead, they lynched the people with suffocating crisis. In the physical world, we create order by staying organized, setting up systems, being efficient, and structuring our day and our physical space so that we have control to everything in our surroundings. Ethically, we bring order by behaving in an ethically predictable way, having systems and steps in place to solve problems, knowing the rules and resources available, and having confidence in who we are. When we add order to our task, we retain control and make a disciplined life easier to achieve. Yet, the public outcry for these government officials to reform and transform remained a taboo in the public domain.

The problems we are faced with are not unsolvable ones. These are problems which could have been dealt with at their roots, if only we had right people in our government. But I am afraid it would drive you crazy to inform you that those who lead us lack the intellectual ability, mental capacity and a well disposed state of mind to face head-on the problems which afflict us. They lack the wherewithal to take on the challenges associated with their respective offices. Their mode of thinking reclines far, far away from the standard; comparable with uneducated, callous minds, bystanders, which account for their low output. We have numskulls who parade themselves with such credentials as PhD, MA, MSc, DSSC, etc, which only make one wonder where they got such credentials from. Who gave it to them?

It is hard to imagine that every-time I wake up, I see the hope of a bright future being dashed away as a result of the reality of the present moment, which is, we don’t have leaders yet. My brothers and sisters, we have a serious problem at hand, and this calls for aggressive, but cautious measures.

Due to our Leaders’ irresponsibility and laziness they had encountered the situation where they had been forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, or perhaps to the situation where they had been given no choice at all. They had to choose whether they will risk that the Angat Dam and the San Roque Dam will collapse, as they thought it could happen, or, to dispel this from happening, they would release 40 million tons of water, at 2,000 cubic meters per second, but will certainly cause devastating floods that would result to indeterminable damages and deaths. They chose the latter.

A country that encounters a minimum of twenty (20) typhoons every year, they could have repaired these water dams from standing in a very precarious situation long time ago if that is what they have honestly believed every time there is a flood.

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Everything else becomes secondary when it comes to the matters of life and death. All the other issues should still take a back seat when it comes to the survival of our country and its citizens (NOW IT CAN BE TOLD WHAT CAUSED THE MASSIVE FLOODS… WE ARE OPPRESSED BECAUSE WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO BE)

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