Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Our Country is now at all kinds of crisis. Statistical surveys from different private entities have always been in consensus to the effect that the people no longer believe this government or the President. They no longer believe because they have come to understand that this government is always engaged in deception, slow as sloth, incompetent, and cannot do anything else about the volatile situation of our country. Many Filipinos have lost their faith like a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill.

According to the ancient tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, “When you discover you're riding a dead horse, your best move is to dismount.” This is an old idiom but the impact is still illuminating even by the passing of time. However, many of the Filipinos are still hanging on with this government and complacent to acknowledge that this government’s plan and strategies aren't working. Madame President: The existing bureaucrats are stuck in a rut and just can’t get on with what they want or need to do better than the paranoid, brain-dead as robot, immoral and elitist bunch they've become.

YOU are the President and the Mother of this nation; it is in YOUR hands to turn our Nation from down under to the top. YOU must bring new ones to man the agencies in the government. YOU have to stop associating with the loser-brigade, those dull excuse-makers who end up dragging YOU down to their level of complacency and incompetence. Fly with the eagles instead of scratching with the chooks. THE UNWIELDY BUREAUCRATS IN OUR GOVERNMENT SUFFER FROM INERTIA

Madame President, there are two main forces controlling YOUR actions as to whether to hang on with YOUR Cabinet members, or let go some, if not, all of them. Firstly, YOU don’t know what lies ahead. Secondly, it is a risky and dangerous journey because these people might turn against YOU. YOU are now at this very moment like a trapeze artist swinging high above the arena. YOU see the next bar coming toward YOU and YOU know YOU must reach out and 'claim it' - but YOU can't see clearly enough yet. YOU are afraid to fully reach out and grab the bar. So YOU continue to swing back and forth waiting for the right time. YOU are waiting for more confidence, waiting to be more prepared, waiting until YOU can build more trust.

When is the right time? Will YOU ever be prepared enough? How much confidence will it take? What would happen if YOU just let go of the bar YOU are holding and 'go for the other waiting to be grabbed'? Sometimes as frightening as it may seem, YOU must close one door in order for the next to open. Does this take courage? Yes, the courage to trust. Trust that YOU are never alone. Trust that everything that happens is in YOUR best interest. Trust that this desire for more/different would not be presenting itself, if YOU weren't ready. Trust that there's an element of risk in letting go 'the known', by acknowledging YOU will never get to second base if YOU don't take YOUR foot off first.

First base could be the Cabinet members YOU just lost and YOU are faced with seeing this loss as the bleakest day of YOUR life or the beginning of a new and fabulous opportunity by checking out what second base looks like. The aphorism, "No pain, no gain." takes on its full signification when it comes to great achievements. The effort required to turn a dream into reality is directly proportional to the scope of the dream. Wishful thinking never accomplished anything.

Madame President, we, YOUR people, loves YOU, we always understand YOU, and we accept YOUR special value as a person. The end of YOUR term is fast approaching, and what kind of legacy would YOU pass on to the future generation, and also what kind of memories YOU want to be remembered? But, if YOU fail, our children will inherit a country dominated by the dark angels of our time. If YOU fail, our progeny will be doomed to a life surrounded by fear, suspicion, hatred and death. YOU cannot end YOUR term sharing the same Cabinet members YOU have now. YOU can have another set and must be better than them. We must evolve into a society with leaders whose concern and love is with humanity more than personal gain. Our children’s future depends upon it.

With enough determination, no mountain is too high and no dragon is too fierce. It is the human element that no force can resist.

My source: Judy Irving, Ezine Articles


  1. My Country :, Portugal it is in the same situation.

    We had elections recently and the party of the government win the election but there is a lot of distrust about the PM.
    The opposition is week and the Presidente have many conflicts with the PM

  2. Thank you Francisco for your comment. It's just sad that both of our countrymen are in the same boat. For me, my blog site is my way of expressing my honest views about the ugly condition of our government as a wake up call to our political leaders habitually trying to pull a fast one on us. Since we are both lawyers although you are obviously more younger and handsome than me, may I call you compa┼łero?


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