Thursday, October 15, 2009


Why does our Philippine Government have to crouch and beg for donations from the United Nations and other foreign countries? The whole thing is a smokescreen but what is certain is that our government is bankrupt as a result of mismanagement and massive graft and corruption. So, every time we have a catastrophe, our government keeps groping in the dark.

This corrupt regime has betrayed the trust of this nation that the development the people are really yearning for is still a pipe dream. Our country is now in a state of collapse because of these corrupt Leaders. Let’s sort this country out. Let’s stop these robbers from stealing our money. (See: THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH.)

The right to information is not strictly enforced in our country that is why we are living in a sea of ignorance and poverty; and that the government can easily fool us. We need to start a new tradition, a culture to build in our system of governance. That information is a right to every person, the right to know is the right to live.

Our Country is so deeply ruined with the entire crisis we are facing. Today, it is difficult to imagine our country returning to its once immaculate condition. It will never again be the same again. The genie is out of the glass. There is blood everywhere and on everybody’s hand.

Most people, including the militants, the activists, and the NGOs and private citizens and others directs their anger and venomous arrows at the corrupt regime and its handlers. Rightly and justifiably so! A more critical analysis of the Leaders’ palaver will also take into account the country’s historical heritage. What is often left out is the duplicitous and leecherous role of the elites and those in the corridors of power. (See: WE ARE THE BEST OF THE NOUGHTIES.)

To my fellow countrymen the time has long gone for us to hold our various public officials and elites responsible for always shitting on us, of the atrocities and injustices in our country. Without exception, every public official in power was criminal and delinquent.

Billions and billions of Pesos have been allocated, yet, there is nothing on the ground, nothing that positively impacts the lives of the people in terms of real development (basic need, humanitarian development or the fundamentals of development) save for iconic and various other meaningless projects. Where is our money?

How come our country happened to be ruled by a succession of the third-rate is mind boggling? In the absence of the first-rate, we have the pretenders, the dream peddlers, the sadists and the intellectually impaired. (See: A BITTER LESSON FOR HAVING WEAK LEADERS.)

I'm not going to write out any lists of how much these officials have stolen from the public funds or make any lists of names; we see it enough in the newspapers and on TV. Thieves that steal that much money usually end up in prison. These bastards have brought it on themselves and we shouldn't let them get away with it. The wicked will not go unpunished as long as there is heaven and earth.

Spread the word people, this is your chance to get our country back to normal. We need to stop bowing down to these upper-class bureaucratic scoundrels who ruin our everyday lives and make a stand. Now is the time!! Does this country only have men that can only talk & shout but no action?

Every thief is a coward. Yes, anybody that oppresses has no head and he is a coward. So, you can fight and defeat him. If we Filipinos can just rise up for once against these robbers governing, we would soon discover that they are cowards. We are really sitting on top on a keg of gunpowder. May God help us as a nation? Remember only cowards pray and do nothing. (See: EVERYTHING DESCRIBED HERE IS POSSIBLE TO HAPPEN.)

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