Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our country’s present condition runs up by a fairly narrow layer of rare survival.

The members of the Cabinet’s overspending are one of the major causes of the plunge of our country’s economy. It is natural for a `never heard’ person who suddenly became “big shot” to strive to live up to his new identity and experience what I call an elitist status shock— one who succumbs to the DESTRUCTIVE ideology of “what are we in power for” euphemism that led to the binge wasteful spending and ensuring the nation’s economic crash. They retooled their personae by pandering their subordinates’ vices, catering to their wishes hoping of getting more than what their ability deserve; taking the place of kings where people gather themselves together to crouch down and lick their hands which feed them.

Likewise, along with technology, the rise of policy-making elites has exacerbated the credibility problem. The policy makers and crisis managers, who have combined "the arrogance of power," with "the arrogance of mind" drawn largely from foreign universities and the upper echelons of the bureaucracy, typically and arrogantly believe that only they possess the necessary intellect and skills to manage the nation's current state of affairs. As a result, it is easy for such officials to assume that the ordinary citizen is not equipped to understand complex issues of our country. From such an attitude, it is but a short step to justify misleading the public.

Within the Executive Branch itself, the arrogance of mind has had an insidious effect, for in time, they begin to believe their own misplaced brilliance. The deception designed for the public in the end becomes self-deception. To read the performance and disposition of these Cabinet members in detail at a time that calls for clear-eyed thinking is to perceive a group of men at the highest level of the government marching in lockstep toward certain disaster. In fact, how many times where the President Herself had been dragged and electrocuted with her Cabinet’s mental decadence. They had begun to believe their own arrogant mind’s "options," and "scenarios"; for them, reality had become the reflection in the fun-house mirror.

I know, the circumstances of our country are not left in vain if YOU, Madame President, will do something unprecedented (MADAME PRESIDENT-- EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR HANDS TO REBUILD OUR NATION, THE PHILIPPINES). There is a quote from W.J. Cameron which I sincerely believe could be the driving force for our transformation—“The last dejected effort often becomes the winning stroke”.

We each have gifts, talents and past experiences that allow us to reach out and touch others in ways that will be meaningful to them. It often doesn't cost us more than a cup of coffee to do so. Some people have the experiences or passions that would make this country back on track that are perfectly suited to help YOU Madame President. Tap their special values and talents and see what they can do. I also believe that God doesn't ask YOU to do anything that He hasn't already prepared YOU for.

What could be the last dejected effort to change YOUR Official Family could be the promises to lead the pendulum swing away from an ostensibly brilliant people to awareness that in practice, this full of rhetoric turns out to be scraps of metal whose rightful place is in a junk shop. What seemed at first blush to be “knowledge creation” was more accurately “brain decay”.

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