Saturday, October 24, 2009


Oh my God, Holy Smokes! Where should I begin? What is really happening with the public officials of the Philippine government? Do they have a conscience? Are they humans? Do they have any common sense? Indeed, the disaster victims are suffering to death because of the sick mentality of our public officials. Their stupidity is deadly and contagious (THE UNWIELDY BUREAUCRATS IN OUR GOVERNMENT SUFFER FROM INERTIA).

The condition of the disaster victims are the ugliest of beings-- hungry and starving to death like dogs waiting to be feed with leftovers. On the other hand, in the warehouse of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), you can see mountain piles of varieties of different relief goods which have been withheld and not distributed but stocked for unknown purposes, if not, sheer stupidity. (See for actual view-- FLOODED WITH RELIEF (UPDATED): MANUEL L. QUEZON III: THE DAILY DOSE.)

These rice, clothing, canned goods, blankets, rag dolls, medicines, soap, sanitary napkins, water jugs, sleeping mats, kettles, etceteras, are worth millions of pesos, and most of them are imported goods from different foreign countries that were donated to the Philippines exclusively for the victims of the disasters caused by tropical storms `Ondoy’ and `Peping’.

It doesn’t need a genius to notice the Sun, does it? Not only have they each made billions and billions of pesos for themselves, but lately they've also looked up and noticed that weird luminescent orb in the sky. What's more, they've each figured out what to do with these imported goods to make money. Their kaleidoscopic minds are unconscionable. (See: OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE IS NONE OTHER THAN COURAGE AND SELF-ESTEEM.)

Now, I may not be as smart as these guys are but I do have a few ideas in my head. And here's one of 'em: I suggest we come together as a nation and do what we can to crane our necks across the aisle and over the shoulders of these officials and report immediately to the media or the internet whatever kind of shenanigan they have committed. Like what BLOG NI ELLA had done.

The public officials bare all to the world, giving us a glimpse of how appalling and absurd they became such at the helm of the government. To be honest, it isn't very common that these kinds of public officials would let us into their secret mental disposition the way they do. No question, they are the “rare ones”.

If you want to see a “unique kind” of Cabinet members, Under Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries down to the Regional Directors who are irresponsible, lazy, skullduggeries, hollow men with headpieces stuffed with straw, tag as poster children of moral irresponsibility and social pariah, look no further! It’s right here only in the Philippines. Truthfully, it makes you wonder how the mechanism of their ideas was like at a time that calls for clear-eyed thinking. IT WOULD CHOKE YOU UP! Well, I don't need to continue, do I?

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