Saturday, October 3, 2009


The people of this country, the Philippines, are the most generous and well-meaning in the world, whatever their political and social orientations. And they don't all agree on political matters anymore. The reason: the political strong men of both parties are full of nefarious half truths and predictions. The people are not any other crapass hellhole of intellectual miniatures. They just don’t care anymore because all the politicians say is unhelpful. Bleed me dry inside making my soul hard and numb. I cannot feel the pain of which you speak; this anger is so strange and so great. It’s making me run berserk.

Those whose wealth came at the cost of others' suffering, the envy and rancor of the multitude against them are universal and restrained only by fear or necessity. The Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. But here in the Philippines the poor are invisible. They are not simply neglected and forgotten; what is much worse, they are not seen. We can never comprehend the reason why the politicians should live in silver platter while we have no food on our tables. Please see THEY BOW AND VOW TO BIND THEMSELVES TOGETHER FOR LIFE AND DEATH. Maybe it makes me a dyed-in-the-wool Librul, but I find it very hard to see much anger that gets couched in “WHAT ARE WE IN POWER FOR"?

Every society indoctrinates its citizens from their earliest age to respect, believe, and be loyal to the government. Before they understand the meanings of the words in their pledge to the flag or the national anthem, they have learned them by rote and repeat them regularly. As they grow older their loyalty is reinforced through the church, the media, at work, and even in their families. Proudly backing a county's leader becomes natural for the loyal, patriotic citizen who will not be swayed, particularly during stressful periods like Calamities, disasters and wars. Many brainwashed people have done it, still do it, and many more will continue to do it!

It is extremely difficult to overcome inculcated biases that have built up over the years. But many found in our present corrupt Philippine government a treasure trove of horrors --the unrelenting corrupt practices of our government officials and more looting of public funds, and/or pulverizing yet some more of our already impoverished and devastated nation that their metamorphosis was rapid.

Supposedly honest and capable leaders have been proven to be liars and incompetents. What goes through the minds of the loyal citizens when each lie that brought our country now close to chaos is disclosed? What goes through the minds of the patriots when promises and predictions of investments from abroad -- "cakewalk," "mission accomplished," "welcomed with flowers" -- never occur? Does each lie and each bad prediction chip their loyalty armor?

The warriors on the front lines against the insurgents, terrorists and criminals are discovering that their government has very little regard for them and the burdens they must carry. Is the John Wayne enthusiasm wearing thin? How long will they remain loyal and patriotic? Signs that the chipping process has affected the perceptions of the citizenry may be inferred by their increasing skepticism of the administration's version of news that the media outlets had been disseminating.

Although the chipping has now hit the airwaves and shown in different performance surveys, it is doubtful that the corruptors will modify its devil-may-care tactics. Their urgent desire to achieve their nefarious objectives, which can never be revealed, compels them to continue with more lies and ridiculous predictions.

I suspect that more exposed lies and unfulfilled predictions will continue and conditions will deteriorate further until a sufficient mass of discontent will cause a major eruption. What happens next -- your guess is as good as mine -- but I think the consequences will cause this present government to join the list of ex-public officials.

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