Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We often read beautiful and motivational phrases, quotes and maxims every now and then, and we are deeply drawn to them that we figure out how we can really integrate them into our daily lives. We all use maxims to guide us in achieving what we want in life; and to help us arrive at the right decisions.

We embrace and hold dear the Proverbs because they were designed by wise men who acquired knowledge and wisdom and so they understand something about human nature and human frailty, and they are able to give us advice on how we live our lives here on earth.

“Nobody stays on the top forever. And nobody oppresses people forever. Sometimes you are on the top, and some day you will go down”. This maxim should serve as a reminder to the Leaders of the Philippine government who have no feelings at all, no pity and compassion, just nothing of what is happening to their impoverish countrymen who are struggling to stay afloat.

Suffering is all around in our country. Unmet needs are everywhere. Different kinds of crisis are overflowing in our midst and people are dying of hunger, disease, and disasters caused by irresponsible government officials. (See: IT IS THE DUAL ACT OF NATURE AND ACT OF MAN.)

This is the time that our political and government officials must recognize their responsibility as Christians and as decent humans, to demonstrate and grow in compassion to the people whom they have sworn to serve and protect. When they do nothing, but could, they send a message, loud and clear, that they do not care about the sufferer. (See: THE LEADERS IN POWER ARE NO LONGER HUMANS.)

Study shows that if a child had not developed a conscience or the capacity to feel and show real warmth before the age of 12, there was no hope for remediation to occur, no matter what technique was used. I hope our political and government officials had no historical background such as this. But even if this was their upbringing, there is still hope they will change. Sometimes even hardened criminals have been miraculously changed. (See: ACTS EXECUTED AGAINST THE LAW.)

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