Sunday, November 22, 2009


Countless of senseless killing incidents have occurred due to a road rage. These road-rage incidents are usually triggered by drivers who themselves are speeding and get into ego matches with other speeders.

One of the most sensationalized incidents of road rage was that involving Rolito Go who was convicted of shooting to death Eldon Maguan in 1991. Now, on November 19, 2009, another incident that has stunned the public where Renato Victor Ebarle, Jr., son of Usec. Renato Ebarle assigned in Malacanang Palace, was allegedly shot to death by Jason Ivler, the step son of British senior economist Stephen Pollard of the Asian Development Bank and a Filipina named Marlene Aguilar.

There is a Chinese proverb which says: “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”

Anger is an inherent feeling provided by nature to react in a given situation which needs correction. But at the same time it is also true that during such reaction, the reasoning power is marred. It is because of this, it is said that one should hold his reactions till he justifies them with reasons. If the person has got that ability to do so, then No Problem, if Not, Yes he may have to REGRET it for ever.

There is a line of a couplet which says "Centuries had to pay for the mistakes committed by a few Moments.” When you realize this, drastic change of your evil ways is in order before it is already too late.

Anger is like a double edged sword; if mishandled, it can cause great harm to yourself and others. One must learn to control anger and direct it for positive ends. It’s true that without anger, you can't fight the injustices and exploitation around you. Your personality will be highly subdued without anger. But a mix of all qualities is a must for right development of character and personality.

It is often said that Experience is the best teacher; but this is true only when we gain by the experience of others. In the case of the sufferer, Experience is not the best teacher; because experience charges more for its instruction than it is worth. Like for instance in the case of Jason Ivler, it does him no good anymore to learn and realize how he ought to have conducted and managed his anger after he had already shot somebody due to his uncontrolled rage.

Now, the lesson that Jason’s parents had taught him time and time again to hold his temper and stay away from trouble all the time even he has realized this as really true, would be of no use anymore after he has already gotten into such a big trouble.

I know the parents of the suspect Jason Ivler were not remised in their duties to discipline him. But Jason was just complacent and hard headed. Now, he has to face the consequences which he has only himself to blame.

The elders were the icons of dignity and respect. They exercise their authority in a meaningful way crafting healthy and cheerful environments. The child starts growing under the immense love and affection of parents, especially the mother.

It is also a fact that the nature of a human being is clean and on the right path since birth. However, the environments both external and internal influences have profound effects. The culmination of personality effectively reflects its influence, which categorized as 'good or bad'. The journey which begins with delight and happiness initially progressed on a rising tide. When environments are conducive, then the magnitude of wave length of the life cycle will be smooth. On the other hand, reverse will take its shape when negativity influences its personality. Then, it ends on a disastrous note leaving trails of misery and ill feelings. It breaks down families and deposits horrifying images on young and old and society as well.

Your parents’ warnings are the voice of God. It does not point out every danger, but it shows the safe path. Its wisdom reaches far into the future; for though it does not tell you what is wrong with your automobile--such engines then being unknown--it tells you how to drive in security.

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