Friday, November 6, 2009


In this era of discovery and conquest with all the inventions of high technology at an ever-accelerating pace, things, situations and circumstances are transformed like magic consistent with the common cliché-- now you see it, now you don’t. With the present technology, the long process became short; the slow became fast; the span of waiting was shortened; the natural look of things and appearance can become attractive and sophisticated; etcetera, etcetera. That is why; the prestidigitation going on around the globe has been on a distinct rise. Resultantly, everybody and everyone are jockeying to grasp everything in a hurry for a piece from the big chunk but end up a failure.

New things have to be learned, have to be introduced and worked out, but is not to be done by sweeping away all that is old, just because it is old. The best way for you to achieve anything that will give you fulfillment and ensure your daily bread is that, just stick to one thing that you are passionate about and put your whole soul into it to the exclusion of all else.

I remember when I was still eleven (11) years old and in grade seven at the time, I had a classmate at the Ateneo de Cagayan (now Xavier University), in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. His family had a trucking business for building construction and hauling of logs. So, both he and his elder brother were trained by their father to repair their trucks and heavy equipments. He had not finished college and he spent most of his life a mechanic for their family’s business. Since he became a master in the repairs of trucks and heavy equipments, now, he has his own hauling business using trucks and pay loaders to haul sand and gravel for developers of subdivisions.

Efren `Bata’ Reyes, the Filipino Billiard Legend, had spent most of his time playing billiard. He knows nothing except billiard, now, he is a billiard sensation throughout the world.

I also knew somebody who took a course which is foreign to everyone at the time- -Botany major in plant disease. We laugh at him for choosing such course which we thought was never heard and lucrative. Now, he is a millionaire because his clients are not individuals but government of countries. Being a doctor of plants-botanist is rare in the world, and with this climate change phenomenon, he is always hired by other countries to lecture and conduct experiments for them.

If you want to be rich and famous, do not believe on what people call `Jack of all trades’. Specialize in only one area and become one of the few masters and the best at it.

Believe me, your humdrum everyday experiences, combined with the wisdom of immortals, can help you appreciate and maybe even learn the nitty-grity of going slowly but surely masterly discovery.

Do not believe what other people say on how things are to be done. Nobody who became successful in any field of endeavor has been so helpful to hold an open sesame to his secret. There is ample opportunity to use wealth in this world but no one is too frank to admit he has so much of it that he is interested in putting himself at a disadvantage by sharing his secret. This would only cast his 'edge' into oblivion and return him to being mere mortal who struggle for his daily bread. Man cannot live by bread alone, but it helps, if others don't bake it using your recipe".

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