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If only we recognize the truth and value of the unifying message brought by those who have surpassed the stages of human experiences and who have reached the level of transformation and tried to share with us their hard-earned gains of wisdom then we discover our true existence. Listen to those who walked the path before us.

LOVE your enemies. This is easier said than done because this is unnatural to us humans. Our natural reaction is that when somebody harm us, we retaliate, get revenge and let these individuals know exactly what we think of them by getting mad or angry. But the effect of anger or rage, aside from personal danger as it can lead a person to the evilest of deeds and to the worst and most tragic consequences, is that people will avoid us and eventually find ourselves abandoned by everyone. I myself am and have been experiencing this feeling of retaliation and revenge all the time that I just jump to angry outbursts at the slightest provocation, and at times I go in a rage and start cursing the person I am angry at in private.

I’m happy to say I’ve changed this attitude now. Didn’t you remember in my last blog entitled “IN THE BEGINNING I MISUNDERSTOOD”, posted on August 16, 2009? I stated there whatever you readily do as you please is the one that will destroy you, and those that you really don’t like to do but you just force yourself to do it, is usually the one that will benefit you. Thus, the contents stated in this article are rich in meaning for they have far-reaching implications for a person's welfare both in the worldly life and in the Hereafter.

Yes, realistically, everything unproductive, specifically rage or anger that you always do in a regular basis forms the structure of what is possible for you. Your emotional state emits a specific frequency of energy to the universe, and the universe returns events and experiences into your life that corresponds with your emotional frequency. When your thoughts and emotions lean constantly more towards anger you will have more of it in your life. Resultantly, you experience more problems, and setbacks. This is the law of attraction.

You ought not to get angry or show resentment against anyone even if he has done you wrong. He, who is prone to lose control of his temper, is like digging his own grave, as they say. Actually, what makes us angry is all in our mind. It’s the thought that triggers our emotion. Often times our exaggerated interpretation of the situation lead us to a worse situation. Then regret always come too late. Let’s redirect our mindset because we know that this cannot be the intended meaning of our heart in an absolute sense, since it is an impossible instruction to uphold.

Let me share my voice of experience. We get angry with someone because we thought his action or attitude is a threat or stands in the way to our progress, or we thought his actions are putting us down because we are worthless or insignificant therefore we have to react with anger to what we thought to be insults and put downs. Even if this is true, we should not precipitately vector our response to one direction into getting mad or angry. Instead, we should even show that person a kind of compassion and understanding because we may not have realized it but it was not his choice. He may seem a godsend to be an instrument to fulfill our life’s destiny.

These individuals who bring us suffering and anger are the ones who will deliver us to the level of transformation and earn the gains of wisdom. This event happens because it’s our time and season to discover our true existence. We are called to receive it and give the bearer some credit, a gesture of gratitude for doing it to us for they did not have a choice but was only tasked to do it so we would now take the road to wisdom.

Isn’t it true that sometimes we are weeping for something that which has been our delight? So many people have experienced this that what has once upon a time caused them most pain and agonizing experience was the unfolding of their destiny. This act of holding back your anger towards a person that brought you pain and suffering is hard to do but until you are ready to learn you won’t take on this challenge. When you are ready to learn, then the magic of transformation begins. Remember, life is a journey towards enlightenment where all of us have underlying connections that none goes his way alone and each one is a powerful tool for the other’s change and growth.

So next time you thought you are thrown aside or put down by somebody, instead of returning the favor by retaliating, give them a nice treatment and welcome their actions, and rest assured that you are now ready to take on the challenge as your time and season has come to learn and transform to the higher level of wisdom.

Indeed, life is full of wonders. Throughout your life experiences, I am sure you’ve always observed that it is often the antithesis; the unexpected; the bitter feeling; the unintentional act; or the unlikeliest moments that give us a solution to a difficulty, trouble or problem. Just when we believe we are at the darkest comes the greatest light.

Consider this. Who would expect or imagine that the cure for a poisonous snake bite is the poison of that snake itself; that the prevention to get that disease is the vaccination of the bacteria or virus of the disease itself? Likewise, Graham Bell was deaf but he invented the telephone. Beethoven was also deaf but he was a music genius. The Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur were bicycle mechanics but they invented the airplane. Demosthenes stammers or stutters when speaking but became the greatest orator of his time. The case of Wendell Johnson was even the weirdest because he was a stutterer when talking and oral reading but he later became the head of a speech clinic. The fabulous foursome known as the Beatles, they had no formal background in music but they were a phenomenon; and a litany of many others in like manner.

Who would not pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe when these testimonials are against logic, if not a huge discrepancy? Perhaps they are no longer for now because all told they are already right before our eyes. These people and events are phenomena that we should not just be fascinated by their awe-inspiring emergence. They left much to be desired, so, let’s dig deeper to find the weightier message.

My point is, in this life, what is opposite or contrary to the nature of things and the normal course of events is most likely the one that is the solution; and what is painful and agonizing solution to the situation is the one that usually bring us to things that are bright, and lead us to continue to do what is right

You know, it’s always hard to ascend but it’s always easy to fall down. We are aware that everyone wants to reach the top, and who wouldn’t want to? We even attempt to do it in a single leap if we can. And yet our actions ironically are the ones that help us to fall down easily. Just simply ponder on this. It is the people who surround us who will pull us up to the top. Anger and rage not only drive people away but they also take our hopes and dreams too. These people are no other than our enemies.

Love your enemies. This may incite dissonance and disharmony, even a choke up effect to many, if not spark ironicism. Maybe, but it is a rich one. It is a quantum leap to comprehending the incomprehensible. “One who has agonized enough to break through the cloud of unknowing, earns a satisfying philosophy which grows with him throughout his present life and in times to come” (From Sunrise Magazine, April/May 1989).

Can’t you see that in this life, everything has a price for everything gain? Big price big gain, small price small gain, no price no gain.

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