Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I always ponder over the things around me and the events and circumstances that cross my mind. I observed in this life it is full of extremes. There were people who were overly showered with all the graces in the world like riches, popularity and personal attraction rolled into one; and there were also those who were extremely poor in the poverty line. There were genius; and there were those extremely slow in learning or dumb. There were people who, like King Midas myth, whatever they put their hands on will always turned into wealth and prosperity; and there were also people who cannot seem to prosper an inch even how much they put in more hours working than most people put into being awake. Why God does allowed these things to happen.

We, human beings, are like plants, the ones that we see everywhere around us and in the forest. All plants are useful in their own natural ways. There are trees used for different purposes, as building materials, protection against floods, with tasty fruits, and those processed for different finished products like food, cloth, rope, paper, dyes, oil, rubber, etc. Shrubs and grasses can be used for feeding animals and medicines; ornamental plants can serve as hobbies and decorations, and many other uses.

The only difference between plants and humans is the brain and mobility where the issue of peace and order lies. When small trees or grasses are blocked or deprived from the heat of the sun by big trees, or when the branches of big trees extend to the small trees and obstructing their growth, no complaints or trouble at all can ever be expected. Trees move when wind blows, they sway and dance; in a storm they are excited, bowing, swirling, waving and tossing its branches in glorious accord and enthusiasm; when it was gone, it is silent, and seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.

We humans may as well be like trees and plants that we just go on with our lives. We should not rush into anything as a rat race for pointless pursuit. For even in relationships which are meant to last and to laugh, but sadly, it can break apart. Do we not believe that man is most noble, most creative, and most happy when under the rule of no mind but his own? Life was meant to be embraced and celebrated with cooperation by living with each other and nature, not winning battles.

Our brain and mobility may be used to appreciate nature and the foibles that each of us distinctly and peculiarly possessed, and in that way, we will be at peace and the world as well. We have enough hope to make us happy, enough trials to make us strong, enough sorrow to keep us human. The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along the way.

Feeling envious by comparing ourselves with others will make us feel furious and bitter for there are always greater and lesser people than ourselves. When we compare ourselves with others trouble will ensue as no one can allow he to be outfought. The enemies will make sure our negative aspects show up, and if they can’t they will try and make us fall into the critical thinking of a prideful heart and appear morally despicable. If they succeed they would be shivering with schadenfreude about us. Comparison is a losing battle since either will always come up short in some way or another and they will fight the hardest battle and never stop fighting that only the strong will survive, akin to the survival of the fittest.

Do not feel hopeless for lack of education, poor, not good looking, or due to obstacles in life because many like you did not give up and achieved success. Examples are: Thomas Alva Edison who was acclaimed as the greatest inventor but his teacher thought he was stupid; George Westinghouse, his teacher thought he was dumb but he had almost 400 patents and disprove everyone; Emile Zola, who got zero in literature but became a famous novelist; Harry Doehla a paralytic but became a millionaire by painting Christmas cards; James Barries, suffering from malaria but wrote a famous play “Twelve Pound Look;” Agatha Christie and Albert Einstein were dyslexics, a mental disorder, but they became writer and scientist, respectively; And Many others.

Life is all about positioning and timing. Like the Heron just standing not moving in the water. It only acts when it must it does not when stillness is appropriate. This is also true on human. We have to be in the right place at the right time that we can possibly take advantage of what life has to offer. When we found the right position in the flow of time, just remain patient but alert and wait for the perfect timing. As soon as opportunity presents itself, seize it without hesitation or deliberation. Don’t force a fit. If something is meant to be, it will come together naturally. When luck comes to you, it will and forces you to receive even if you refuse.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be hypnotized by the spell of becoming a big shot and drawn into the whirlpool of identity crisis like a nomad condemned wandering on strange lands and lost among the fog of ignorance on how to live their lives. It is we who can help ourselves. When I realized this, I also realized that I was on my own. This vow to be nothing initiated a specific self-defining perspective through which the rest of my life would gather momentum and focus. It had found a home inside me. I develop a sensibility of ordinariness that I am nothing and there is nothing special in me. Now I became content with who I am, without longing to be another person. This is what simplicity is about: walking my own path, doing my thing in my way —refusing to be a clone.

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