Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sometimes reading really good quotes with messages that can teach you about life can change your perspective about your current situation and really help you take the next step towards creating the life you really want.

Some of the greatest minds in history are responsible for the memorable inspiring quotes that we have all heard. When you read these motivational quotes, you will be struck by how relevant the words are in today’s quest for glory.

"A wise man is not for or against anybody, truth is his only concern," wrote Confucius in the year 510 B.C. Learning consists of turning facts into principles for choosing the right course of action. For leaders and entrepreneurs, whose success depends on making many decisions at great speed, principles are essential.

You know most people are contented living within their comfort zone even it will cause them a hand-to-mouth existence. I mean, sure, they would like to get off from that situation, but instead, they continue to cling onto such condition because they're not sure what's going to happen if they get off. They never seem to stop to consider that maybe they would be able to move about and discover some new and exciting options for their lives. Even though it's not comfortable sitting on a nail, it kind of hurts, but at least they know what to expect and they are used to it.

Sadly, they just want to tip toe through life so that they can arrive at the graveyard safely and avoid facing any life challenges that are legendary in scope and have potential of advancing the well being of humanity.

As you can see, Lincoln's story is the story of an incredible human being who started from very meager beginnings and went on to become not only one of the greatest U.S. presidents, but also one of the influential men in history.

He lost eight elections, failed in business many times, and suffered a nervous breakdown. He could have quit many times, but he didn't. Instead, after each defeat he would pick himself up and press forward until he achieved his aspirations.

With so many failures, a lot of people, in Lincoln's position, probably would have given up. But because he was determined and committed to make his political dreams come true, he would get up each time he was knocked down. He knew the only way to gain ground, to move forward, to march on, and to turn his goals into reality, was to learn from his setbacks and failures.

Abraham Lincoln represents the finest example of persistence. Although he faced countless defeats throughout his life -- many that must have seemed insurmountable -- he never gave up on his dreams.

Giving up on our dreams is the easy way out. Hanging in there when life seems hopeless proves much more strength as compared to someone who falls down in defeat. We all face defeat within our lives. I am grateful for my defeats for after every encounter of it I was stronger morally and mentally, and each time it comes it gives me wisdom.

Living through the pain of life is a curse yet a blessing at the same time. Life sometimes hands us thorns but we have the choice to park our mind on the thorn or on the beauty it can eventually transform and produce in us.

Every human being has some cognitive distortions in their thinking. It is just part of his human make up. However, the exciting thing is that once you can learn to embrace mistakes as key to the learning process you can begin to get curious and excited about what lies beyond them.

Each day is an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the world. With each experience there is something to be learned. And that something to be learned is different for everyone.

Mistakes come in all sorts and colours. Learn to view them as stepping-stones leading you to a higher plateau. Accept errors and use them to your advantage. If you go with the flow, there is no limit how far you can row. Abandon perfectionism right now.

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